Jason Whitfield

Modernization From Hitachi Helps Future-Proof Your Organization

Blog Post created by Jason Whitfield Employee on May 8, 2017

Think of all the line-of-business (LOB) apps you rely on to compete today, and then consider how you want to operate and compete in the future. Will your current IT infrastructure get you there? Or are there just too many functional constraints within your legacy systems for you to achieve your visions for operational improvements?

The reality of today’s business world is that IT departments and business units are tightly connected. After all, technology lies at the heart of how businesses connect, communicate, operate and compete. But it is complicated to align the infrastructure, applications and business processes needed to operate today’s demanding business model. Even worse, it can become overly complex – even paralyzing – to set a vision and align technologies when future objectives are ill-defined and every dollar of expenditure is subject to scrutiny.

Organizational infrastructures – servers, storage and network components, along with the apps that run on them – are intricate, often cumbersome, and represent years of investment. Therefore, the challenge becomes how to modernize those systems so that they deliver today and in the future. And that leads to a whole different set of questions around cost and complexity.

That’s where Hitachi and SAP can help. We know that modernization is urgent for any organization that needs a competitive advantage. Our world is dynamic and fast-paced. Customers expect more, and they expect it in real time. For business leaders, modernization is about the transformation of big data into actionable insights and the generation of process improvements from the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s about running the business more effectively while providing better customer experiences.

Hitachi helps create SAP infrastructures and software solutions to enable dynamic business processes that can respond to unforeseen objectives and shifts in customer demands. How do we do it? We work with you to understand your business. By combining our IT and subject-matter expert (SME) industry experience from across more than 950 subsidiaries, Hitachi can develop a modernized infrastructure that melds with your company’s business strategy. Often, this process entails moving from inefficient, overly complex systems where data is siloed to modern platforms that consist of simplified and agile solutions that can more effectively support a changing future.

Together, solutions from Hitachi and SAP are ideal for businesses that want to modernize. Based on years of collaboration, you see greater performance – such as 38% faster application development and deployment time.[i] You also see higher availability of key systems. On average, we help save US$1.38 million in user productivity benefits per year.2 One company even reduced total cost of delivery by 85%.[ii] In addition, higher consolidation and reduced operational costs can dramatically lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

  Are you ready to modernize your SAP environment? Are you ready to see what a future with Hitachi solutions can achieve? Check out our infographic. Then, take a look at our solutions for help with your digital transformation.

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