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VMware Virtualization on Hitachi UCP for SAP HANA-Infosys Case Study

Blog Post created by Parisa Fathi Employee on Jan 20, 2016

As more customers are deploying SAP HANA, they are also moving to virtualizing their SAP HANA environment.   Hitachi and  VMware recently published two joint papers around virtualizing your SAP HANA environment.

One of these is a Infosys Case Study, a global SAP service provider. Early in 2015 Infosys deployed the world’s largest single instance of SAP Business Suite on HANA (SoH) with over 150,000 users running on Hitachi’s converged platform, UCP.  Since then Infosys has decided to deploy VMware vSphere 5.5 on Hitachi UCP at their Center of Excellence (CoE).  If you want to hear more about  the Infosys story, check them at SAPPHIRE 2016 this year, on May 18 at 2pm.

Here is a little synopsis of the challenges they faced and the benefits they have gained by virtualizing the SAP HANA environment.


At their CoE, Infosys demonstrates how SAP systems can improve their customers’ business efficiency. Infosys was challenged with meeting the growing demand for demos from its customer base. They had to accelerate the deployment time for SAP apps running SAP HANA instances. In order to tackle this problem, they first needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure. But they also wanted hardware that could be virtualized so they could maximize resource utilization. They decided to deploy with VMware running on Hitachi Unified Compute Platform. VMware vSphere was the only product certified by SAP to deliver virtualization featuring capabilities such as dynamic scalability, rapid provisioning through cloning and template based deployment.  They also deployed VMware vMotion and the Hitachi UCP was able to use these capabilities to migrate live virtual machines within clusters. “Selecting the Hitachi UCP converged platform to run the virtualization layer that would deliver SAP HANA enables us to take advantage of a ‘common building block’ approach’,” explained Mr Sharad Pandey, Senior Consultant, Infosys. “This would enable us to grow from 512 GB appliances to 6TB appliances in the scale up model and up to 32 TB on the scale out model just by adding Hitachi enterprise grade infrastructure components into the same stack, and help us maximize the returns our investments.” Additionally Hitachi created SAP HANA VM templates to further streamline the SAP HANA deployment. 


The benefits Infosys realized as a result of this deployment were:


1) New SAP HANA virtual machines deployed in few minutes using Hitachi’s SAP HANA VM templates

2) Reduction in the total cost of delivery by 85%

3) Cut SAP HANA infrastructure costs by 2.5 times with consolidation offered by Hitachi UCP

4) Reduction in power requirements by 96%


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