Nicolas Day

What’s the buzz around SAP HANA?

Blog Post created by Nicolas Day Employee on Jun 22, 2015


For the past 18 months, it seems that everywhere we turn we are hearing about SAP HANA. It runs fast (like our Indy Car!). It does amazing things. It does real time analytics. It’s expensive. These are all comments I’ve heard from customers over the past year. While many have investigated it, few have gotten out of the proof of concept phase given the lack of a true compelling event. That’s about to change now that SAP has announced the next generation of Business Suite 4 (SAP S/4HANA).


Running on it’s advanced in-memory platform, SAP S/4HANA will bring forward a number of innovations and the ability to allow customers to do things in real time that they couldn’t previously do.


So how can you leverage this to its maximum potential in your environment? One way HDS has made this easier for customers is by leveraging the LPAR (logical partitioning) technology within its compute blades. LPAR allows a customer to logically divide computing resources such as CPU, memory and IO devices on “bare metal” via firmware, providing better isolation. The ability to partition a server allows customers to run multiple instances of SAP on one physical blade: development, test and production. Since LPAR technology allows you to split the server into multiple ones, there is no more risk of “noisy neighbours” causing disruption to the other tenants on the blade. This also means that customers can maximize their investment in technology, adding compute power as they need to grow while not wasting any resources on their current systems.


Efficiency is key given the latest published reports that state that roughly “30% of servers deployed worldwide have not delivered information or computing services in the last six months” ( This wasted compute power translates to about $30B in assets sitting idle.


HDS has been partnering with SAP for many years and offers a certified Unified Compute Platform (UCP) for SAP HANA stack that comes pre-configured and ready to use, accelerating your time to market. In today’s day and age where everything is required on demand, this solution not only allows a customer to achieve this, but also allows them to reutilize the components for other uses in the event this is required in the future. No waste, maximum efficiency with no compromise in performance.