• replication alerts

    Is there a way to setup replication alerts on a failed transfer?
    Staci Sanders
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  • Best practices SGBD/VSP

    Hi All, Do you know if there are a general best practices or tricks regarding SGBD with HDS VSP, like what is typical size of ldev ...  ? I know there are some documentations (Oracle) but the question is more a...
    didier bournet
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  • CCI on Linux connect from vsphere

    CCI on Linux... Need to connect to new CCI install on a Linux VM from vSphere. Does horcm require the login to be a root user? Or can it be a userwith sudo privlages?
    David Marsh
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  • If we have TrueCopy replication in place currently, will HDID snapshots break the existing TrueCopy replication?

    Trying to implement HDID to replace CCI snapshots but we do not want to break TrueCopy replication that is already in place for Disaster Recovery purposes.
    Derek Bose
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  • Pair status are different between HSN vs CCI

    Hi All, On VSP, I have one ldev in local replication (Shadow Image), Hitachi Storage Navigator (GUI) show me that pair as "PAIR" status. If I try to check the same with CCI, the same pair are in "SMPL "status ! ...
    didier bournet
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  • How to convert SPLT-TIME

    Hi all, I would like to know how to convert the "SPLT-TIME" of snapshot (Thin) ? I tried to convert it by a  timestamp  converter but the expected date is not the good one (03/10/1970 - see below).   ...
    didier bournet
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  • horctakeover vs pairresync -swapp

    Hello,   Site A is TC P-VOL and Site B is S-VOL, both storages are USPV. Suppose we have completed following DR testing, 1) pairsplit -g xxx -rw at Site A 2) data changed on Site B S-VOL 3) running pairresync...
    San Lihe
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  • SI resync,quick restore

    Hi All, I have a P-VOL to L1 SI , L2 SI and UR. My situation is to Resync or quick restore from S-VOL to  P-VOL as the data is Corrupted. Please let me know the difference between reverse resync & quick r...
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  • HRpM: The specified pair cannot be refreshed

    Hello,   I've got Replication Manager setup in active (site A) /standby (site B) mode. I understand that when in Maintenance Mode there are no automatic refreshes, however when I put my standby host into Normal ...
    Tyrone Owen
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  • Is anyone using Replication Manager - G1500 - VSM Envt.

    Recently we performed data migration using NDM process from HUS to G1500, and we use replication manager to manage our HUR envt. since the next day after NDM migration, we are not able to report/generate alert on C/T ...
    vijay KALVEMULA
    created by vijay KALVEMULA
  • Cannot authorize Hitachi VSP Block Storage in HDID

    I have already configured the REPOSITORY server for Hitachi Block Storage. I've created administrator account "storeadmin" in VSP. I've also created administrator account "storeadmin" in REPOSITORY server. I installed...
    Hubert Largado
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  • HUR Replication Manager & SRM

    I been having issue creating pairs via replication manager V 8.2, command suite 8.2 in windows environment. In our environment we have four servers with horcm files primary horcm server where i update the files is H...
    Fazil Saiyed
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  • CCI vs CTG

    Hello! Can any one please explain what is the difference bettween CCI Group and Consistency Group in HUR and specify any docs where I can read the explanation.   What is the best practice to use each of them? &...
    Igor Shkonda
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  • HUR how to restore original P-Vol and S-Vol identities after a horctakeover to discard S-Vol changes and resync pairs?

    We are performing a DR test where we will down the link between sites and perform a horctakeover from the DR site so we can mount the S-Vols read-write for testing. When done testing, we want to DISCARD the S-Vol chan...
    Kate Condon
    created by Kate Condon
  • How to map Thin Image snapshot

    I can map a TI snapshot using " raidcom map snapshot" command. is there way way to do this using device manager on a G60?
  • HNAS Snapshots

    Hi, I’m looking to get rid of NBU/NDMP backups on the HNAS . We have two sites DC1 - Actice, and DC2 purely DR . I’ve implemented snapshots on the primary DC1 side , and can easily keep 2 months worth...
    Gary Matthews
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  • HUR I/O transfer size - torn writes

    I have a customer that is asking what the HUR I/O transfer size is and if it can be adjusted.  I have not found this in the HUR documentation, however I do believe the HUR I/O transfer size is not tunable.  ...
    Scott Coyle
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  • check the lag time on a consistency group via CLI

    we have HUR from Prod to DR and few consistency groups. is there any command to check lag time on a CG ( similar to the one which is for JNL - pairdisplay -g groupname .. -v jnl ) we have replication manger too, but...
    vijay KALVEMULA
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  • rpo aka c/t delta for hur

    I've seen this posted a couple times but the only real answer I've seen is "use replicationmanager GetCTDelta command' . I for one find replicationmanager way to much trouble to maintain and I'd really like to be rid ...
    Bruce Kirkland
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  • Can I use HPP S2750 alone or I must have storage (for example G400) behind it to store the backups?

    Forgive my ignorance, I'm new in this matter. S2750 has grid architecture that permits compute nodes and storage capacity to be added independently. How can I add only storage capacity to S2750? Are there disk shelves...
    Dimitar Mladenov
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