• Best practices SGBD/VSP

    Hi All, Do you know if there are a general best practices or tricks regarding SGBD with HDS VSP, like what is typical size of ldev ...  ? I know there are some documentations (Oracle) but the question is more a...
    didier bournet
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  • Change name server Commcell

    Hello everyone, Rename the server where you have installed the CommCell, this need, which should make it all work well. Could be a problem for this change ??? waiting for your valuable comments.
    Javier Donaire
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  • If we have TrueCopy replication in place currently, will HDID snapshots break the existing TrueCopy replication?

    Trying to implement HDID to replace CCI snapshots but we do not want to break TrueCopy replication that is already in place for Disaster Recovery purposes.
    Derek Bose
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  • Archive Filedata with HDIM to HCP

    Hi All   Wie backup our Fileservers with Hitachi Data Instance Manager Version 4.2..2 on to a storage Server. This solution works well.   Now we want arvive the Filedate on an HCP (Hitachi Conten Plattfor...
    Beat Fuss
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  • What's the difference between Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) and Veritas Backup Software

    What's the difference or key differentiator between Hitachi Data Instance Director and Veritas or other backup software. Is there any matrix available online?   Thanks and have a blessed day ahead.
    Jayvee Hagonoy
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  • Failed to connecto to HDPS Master

    After the installation failed from the GUI, i manage to install HDS on the client, now while setting up my client from the GUI and when i browse the VM folders in order to add files and directories, it said "Check Eve...
    mhamed bou
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  • How to convert SPLT-TIME

    Hi all, I would like to know how to convert the "SPLT-TIME" of snapshot (Thin) ? I tried to convert it by a  timestamp  converter but the expected date is not the good one (03/10/1970 - see below).   ...
    didier bournet
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  • HDID with Microsoft SQL Server

    Does anyone have some experiences with HDID Version 5.x and Backupup Microsoft SQL Server Databases ? HDS have some installations Guides but the prerequisites of the SQL Server are missing. This includes the requirem...
    Beat Fuss
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  • Cannot authorize Hitachi VSP Block Storage in HDID

    I have already configured the REPOSITORY server for Hitachi Block Storage. I've created administrator account "storeadmin" in VSP. I've also created administrator account "storeadmin" in REPOSITORY server. I installed...
    Hubert Largado
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  • HNAS Snapshots

    Hi, I’m looking to get rid of NBU/NDMP backups on the HNAS . We have two sites DC1 - Actice, and DC2 purely DR . I’ve implemented snapshots on the primary DC1 side , and can easily keep 2 months worth...
    Gary Matthews
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  • HNAS Snapshots Using Simpana Commvault

    Hi all, is it possible to create snapshots using Simpana 10 on HNAS4040 ? NDMP backup working correctly.   Mario
    Mariusz Rendaszka
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  • Protecting Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 with Hitachi Data Instance Director in a Single Site

    Business Problem Statement SQL Databases form the backbone of many critical applications. Traditionally their data is protected using VSS and Microsoft DPM or Symantec Netbackup which stream data and logs to a backup ...
    Nguyen Tran
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  • Created new carts in HPP but unable to checkin into TSM

    Hi Team,   Urgent help needed, recently I have created 3700+ Carts in HPP virtual tape library assigned to TSM.   During checkin process TSM was able to checkin only 650 carts after that no carts getting p...
    SunilKumar Vagicharla
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  • HPP and BackupExec

    Hi experts,   A quick question - does HPP S1500 or S2750 support Veritas Backup Exec or only NetBackup is supported?   Thanks, Dimitar
    Dimitar Mladenov
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  • Can I use HPP S2750 alone or I must have storage (for example G400) behind it to store the backups?

    Forgive my ignorance, I'm new in this matter. S2750 has grid architecture that permits compute nodes and storage capacity to be added independently. How can I add only storage capacity to S2750? Are there disk shelves...
    Dimitar Mladenov
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  • HPP sepatron integration with TSM as a VTL

    Hi Team,   Can some body help me or guide me , In getting a Doc for Configuring Sepatron S2500 with TSM as VTL , I mean we have following questions     1>TSM Data Sheet for integration with HPP S25...
    Adivya Singh
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  • Regarding Drivers Compatibilty

    Hi Team,   Do we have any Compatibilty matrix based on Device Drivers Required for hosting TSM hosted on Linux 64 bit Integration With Sepatron S2500   I know it is supported , but want to know if Addition...
    Adivya Singh
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  • Kindly advise on the hardware architecture for HPP S1500 and S2500. Thanks

    Would appreciate if you could advise on the hardware details.
    Ozair Amin
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  • Protection Platform and Symantec Together June 2015.pptx

    Here is a Presentation that talks about the powerful combination of Hitachi's Sepaton Protection Platform with Symantec's NetBackup.   The combo provides enterprise-class data protection for companies struggling...
    Victor Nemechek
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  • Product Overview Video - Hitachi Protection Platform

    Ryan (Community Admin)
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