• HCPAW with AD error No key Distribution center can be found in domain

    We follow the configuration stated in admin doc for HCPAW intergrate with AD, however we end up with No key distribution center can be found. Anybody has experience and has the fixed steps?
    Mohd Azmir Abd Aziz
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  • What happens when a file in the HCP AW folder is infected with Ransomware and synchronized with HCP AW?

    Hi. I have a question about HCP AW Ransomware.   We say that customers who are interested in HCP AW can recover data through the Versioning function of HCP AW if they are infected with Ransomware.   But ther...
    sanghoon lee
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  • Windows HCP Data Migrator authentication issues

    Continue to get HTTP 403 messages even though I am using an authorised user in the HCPDM profile. Where can I find more verbose logging information which might point me to the problem
    william english
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  • HCI: How to import custom metadata along with ingested files from HCP?

    I'm building a workflow in HCI to ingest files from HCP. The files are bzip2 compressed eml files and as they arrive on intermediate content servers, they have metadata extracted and stored alongside the original fil...
    Marek Kaszycki
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  • enterprise vault GDPR Compliance with HCP

    Morning, Have a query about deleting emails . journal entries . We're currently using Enterprise Vault to archive to a Tenant in HCP - a journal namespace and an email namespace. How are people handling GDPR? EV is a...
    Gary Matthews
    created by Gary Matthews
  • Free trial to download Hitachi Cloud object storage

    Does Hitachi gives 30/60 day free trial to download Hitachi Cloud object storage supporting S3 protocol? If yes, could you please share me the link to download.
    Dawood b Munavar
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  • HDI Quota and CIFS CLI.

    Hi Team. 1. HDI,  what is the command line to make the CIFS services Join to Domain. Cannot find it in HDI CLI reference.   2. HDI,  we assign the quota to a user , how to we find the how much size u...
    Subramanian Esakkimuthu
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  • Migrate NetAPP CIFS to HDI

    Hi ,   i need to have the proper guide how to migrate the Netapp CIFS share to HDI. we are replacing the Netapp to HDI and HDI will replicate the data to HCP.   could you please help us with the prerequisi...
    Subramanian Esakkimuthu
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  • Which Kaspersky anti-malware would be deployed with HCP Anywhere?

    Which Kaspersky anti-malware would be deployed with HCP Anywhere? - Kaspersky Security for Storage or - Kaspersky Total Security for Business 10.0 Our Kaspersky re-seller told us to install Kaspersky Security for ...
    Thammasak Nimit
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  • HCP/Solix

    Colleagues,   Does anyone have deployment with Solix/S3 and HCP/S3...?   Thanks, Manfred
    Manfred Gramlich
    created by Manfred Gramlich
  • HCP node object count limit - 800K

    Hello - I'm looking for information on the nature of the 800K 800 Mil objects per node limit on HCP. Is it a guideline/soft limit or a technically enforced hard limit ? What actually happens when the object count re...
    Jonathan White
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  • HCP Anywhere - prevent to save locally doesnt seem to work

    Hi, At customers site we have installed HCP-AW 3.1 and the installation is running in a Citrix environment. To prevent files to be stored locally in the different user profiles, the customer has already set the reg k...
    Ralf Buschmann
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  • HDI poor performance when browsing share

    Hi,   I have a customer where I installed a HDI VM with a read only content sharing filesystem. Now he is complaining a very poor performance when browsing that share > 60.000 files. Any tuning parameters o...
    Ralf Buschmann
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  • Hitachi Content Platform & Milestone Systems

    Hello All,   I have a customer who wants to store their security camera videos on a storage. They have nearly 1000 cameras connected to Milestone Systems solution. We are planning to create a project for HCP. &#...
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  • Does HCP have file system auditing

    It's necessary for us to audit file system activity generated by end users (file/folder created/opened/modified/deleted/renamed, etc) and pull this into a 3rd party application. I don't see this functionality mentione...
    Julian Andrews
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  • Domino archiving to HDI/HCP

    Hi Everyone:      Does anyone had experience for Domino archiving to an NFS export from HDI?  Is it make sense or not? Thank for helping.   Best Regards..
    David Tao
    created by David Tao
  • Renaming file or folder in HCP

    In a namespace published in a HCP with CIFS protocol in windows server 2008, it does not let me rename a file or folder. I have all the permissions in the namespace.
    Antonio Carvallo
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  • Can we control the bandwidth usage between a HDI and a HCP?

    As the title says : Can we control the bandwidth usage between a HDI and a HCP ?   I would like to connect an HDI in one of our branch offices to our HCP but I need to make sure that the traffic between those 2 ...
    Frederic Medico
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  • Is it possible to clone a tenant within the HCP?

    I need a possibility to copy the complete content of a tenant (all namespaces etc.) to a second tenant created just for that purpose. And this within one HCP system.
    Ralf Buschmann
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  • HCP AD Integration and Networks

    Hello,   I've read this in one of the HCP manuals:   HCP accepts communications from Active Directory only on the [hcp_system] network. Therefore, if a tenant is configured to use AD for user authenticatio...
    Tyrone Owen
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