• HCP management of multiple retention periods on objects

    Hello,   I'm trying to find information on how the hierarchy of multiple retentions is managed on HCP.   We have an actual stockage system with a certain volume of objects that are in 'different ages' of t...
    Jill Ross
    created by Jill Ross
  • HDI - Filesystem creation problem

    Hi All   HCP and HDI both are deployed on VM environment for demo purpose. All possible setup in HCP is done. I am facing following problems;   1. When I am trying to create file system on HDI with Content...
    Peter Isaac
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  • Hitachi S-Node Object Store Evaluation v2.0.0.25 not working

    Hi,   I am attempting to setup the HCP S-Series Demo Virtual Machine called  "Hitachi S-Node Object Store Evaluation v2.0.0.25 - HS441_2.0.0.25" supplied by my HDS System Engineer.   When I install th...
    Malcolm Gibbs
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  • How to troubleshoot the HCP Shredding service

    Hi   For one of our customers we fear that the Shredding service of HCP is not doing what it is supposed to do. I know it kicks in whenever an object is deleted and the namespace shredding policy has to be enabl...
    Serge Schepers
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  • Temporary ".ava" files being created on HDI file shares after switching on virus scanning

    We've recently switched on real time virus scanning of our HDI file systems using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage Since doing this, when a user selects a file on the HDI share from a Windows 7 PC in...
    Nigel Budd
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  • HDI SNMP Trap Reference Table needed

    Hi Folks, for our Cloud Storage Projekt with HDI VM, we are searching for the actual SNMP TRAP REFRENCE TABLE for HDI to setup our monitoring. Can you help us, and provide us the requested file.   Thank you i...
    Ralf Siekierski
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  • HCP: Enterprise Vault Event ID 28944

    Hi,   HCP 7.1.1   I have the above error registered in the EV server Event Log. The details are:   The 3rd party storage system application 'Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) Streamer' has logged the fol...
    Tyrone Owen
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  • Hitachi Data ingestor cifs share got modified

    We have a single node HDI configured and found that the cifs share configured got its name changed.Can anyone tell where to check that how it got modified and if its automatic then why it happned or if anyone has done...
    Akhilesh Pandey
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  • HCP Anywhere not accessible after upgrade to 2.1

    Hi,   In a very small lab deployment, I've upgraded both Virtual Anywhere nodes from 2.0.4 to Everything looked normal during the upgrade, which I was following while doing other stuff. The last messag...
    Joao Serra
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  • HCAP - The trust relationship with domain failed

    Hi We have an hcap, and cifs access suddenly started giving: " the trust relationsship with the domain failed"   Any tips in resolving this?   Thanks
    Dan Calinescu
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  • How to migrate Large number of files (few millions) to HCP?

    There is a requirement to migrate a large number of files (more than 20 million) files to HCP. The operating system is Solaris and what would be the best tool to use for this type of migration?
    Mahesh Wijenayaka
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  • HCP G10 Memory Upgrade

    Hi All,   Good day, i want to ask about G10 hardware. because i look in manual, i can't find it. can we upgrade memory for HCP G10 from 64 to 128 or 256? FYI, this mechine status already production, this is ne...
    Triyono Nugroho
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  • HNAS backup NDMP

    Originally posted by: guille I'm new to HDS and trying to setup HNAS 3080 NDMP backup using Symantec BackupExec V.2010 but no luck. Has someone ran HNAS backup succesfully with Symantec BackupExec or with any other ...
    Legacy HDS Forums
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  • Best practices for HCP/HDI installation and configuration.

    Hi Team ,   I would like to get best practices documents for HCP/HDI install and configure .   Also ,   We would like to migrate CIFS shares from Netapp using HCP/HDI solution , Please share if a...
    Padma Pondugula
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  • Command line search for HCP

    There is a requirement to have a command line tool to search object names of a HCP namespace which is similar to 'ls |grep xx' in Unix.   I have tried the curl command but it provide all meta data information wh...
    Mahesh Wijenayaka
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  • HPP Connectivty Diagram

    HPP Connectivity diagram        Does anybody have a HPP Connectivity Diagram
    Adivya Singh
    created by Adivya Singh
  • Object Storage - unsung hero of Cloud and Big Data?

    There has been a lot written about object storage but it still appears to be little understood and not reaching its potential in the corporate landscape. Is this the year it hits the big time?   First published ...
    Simon R. Fowler
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  • Content Mobility Checklist

    I recommend to ask 7 Questions to protect your organization from content mobility solutions outside of IT's control.
    Muhammad Nazakat
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  • Join us for a live WebTech this Wednesday, January 28th

    Jeff Lundberg and Greg Knieriemen will be discussing content mobility this Wednesday during a live webcast. Additional details are available below -- if you have any questions before the event, or want to hear about a...
    Jill Ross
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  • Verizon Hybrid Solution

    You may have already seen the press release by Verizon @verizon about the Hybrid Cloud Solution #cloud based on  HDS technology.  You can read bout it here   http://hds.io/1qStT0i Did you know tho...
    Bahman Dara
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