• HDI Quota and CIFS CLI.

    Hi Team. 1. HDI,  what is the command line to make the CIFS services Join to Domain. Cannot find it in HDI CLI reference.   2. HDI,  we assign the quota to a user , how to we find the how much size u...
    Subramanian Esakkimuthu
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  • Migrate NetAPP CIFS to HDI

    Hi ,   i need to have the proper guide how to migrate the Netapp CIFS share to HDI. we are replacing the Netapp to HDI and HDI will replicate the data to HCP.   could you please help us with the prerequisi...
    Subramanian Esakkimuthu
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  • Compliance As A Competitive Advantage

    Object storage is key part of the digital transformation taking place among our customers as they use it to deliver insight and enable themselves to compete more effectively, and help workers around the world collabor...
    Jeff Lundberg
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  • When Worlds (Don't) Collide: Content Mobility and Data Governance

    In the past I have written about mobility as the new normal and how “With the right enterprise-grade tools, IT can encourage proper data mobility so workers can work the way they want, from wherever they want.&#...
    Jeff Lundberg
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  • HDI poor performance when browsing share

    Hi,   I have a customer where I installed a HDI VM with a read only content sharing filesystem. Now he is complaining a very poor performance when browsing that share > 60.000 files. Any tuning parameters o...
    Ralf Buschmann
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  • Redefining File Services: Unveiling the way to a smarter data storage strategy

    The pressure on IT teams is quickly approaching breaking point. The extraordinary growth of unstructured data is showing no signs of slowing down, and expectations for innovative new services are rising fast. Across t...
    Herwig Evenepoel
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  • Domino archiving to HDI/HCP

    Hi Everyone:      Does anyone had experience for Domino archiving to an NFS export from HDI?  Is it make sense or not? Thank for helping.   Best Regards..
    David Tao
    created by David Tao
  • HDI - Filesystem creation problem

    Hi All   HCP and HDI both are deployed on VM environment for demo purpose. All possible setup in HCP is done. I am facing following problems;   1. When I am trying to create file system on HDI with Content...
    Peter Isaac
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  • Can we control the bandwidth usage between a HDI and a HCP?

    As the title says : Can we control the bandwidth usage between a HDI and a HCP ?   I would like to connect an HDI in one of our branch offices to our HCP but I need to make sure that the traffic between those 2 ...
    Frederic Medico
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  • Enabling content sharing on an existing HDI filesystem?

    If an HDI filesystem was created and populated without content sharing enabled, is it possible to enable content sharing after the fact?
    Andrew c Hall
    created by Andrew c Hall
  • HDI to HCP Migration Task Policy Condition not working

    Hi,   I can not seem to get HDI to HCP Migration Task Policy settings to work.   I have set a policy to effectively exclude all files with a particular pattern but the migration task still attempts to migr...
    Malcolm Gibbs
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  • HDI Import Tool over Firewall

    Hello,   I have a lot of experience using the HDI Import tool to migration file shares to HDI.  As part of a acquisition I need to migrate file from Netapp over a firewall. I am able to access the shares ...
    Jay Montana
    created by Jay Montana
  • Temporary ".ava" files being created on HDI file shares after switching on virus scanning

    We've recently switched on real time virus scanning of our HDI file systems using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage Since doing this, when a user selects a file on the HDI share from a Windows 7 PC in...
    Nigel Budd
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  • HDI SNMP Trap Reference Table needed

    Hi Folks, for our Cloud Storage Projekt with HDI VM, we are searching for the actual SNMP TRAP REFRENCE TABLE for HDI to setup our monitoring. Can you help us, and provide us the requested file.   Thank you i...
    Ralf Siekierski
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  • Licence temporal for test vmware hitachi data ingestor

    Hello its posible to get a temporal file .lic for test Hitachi Data ingestor on vmware?   regards
    Juan Lozano
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  • Hitachi Data ingestor cifs share got modified

    We have a single node HDI configured and found that the cifs share configured got its name changed.Can anyone tell where to check that how it got modified and if its automatic then why it happned or if anyone has done...
    Akhilesh Pandey
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  • HCI Workflow Plugin for HDI Logs.docx

    HCI HDI logs
    Troy Myers
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  • HDI Alert (KAQG52041)

    Hi,   I am getting alert through SNMP on HDI,saying that..   Subject: HDI Alert (inj04hdi KAQG52041-W)     This mail is sent automatically from Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI). HDI(inj04hdi) detect...
    Sagar Anand
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  • HCP/HDI can be used as a File Share

    Dears   Can i use HCP / HDI as a file share with the following scenario     HCP in Main Site ...........................................HDI in a Remote Site   Users in main site access the fil...
    Fady Azab
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  • HCP/ HDI

    Dears   Can i access the same data from HDI and HCP , because when i tried to access it from HCP it is hashed   Regards
    Fady Azab
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