• What happens when a file in the HCP AW folder is infected with Ransomware and synchronized with HCP AW?

    Hi. I have a question about HCP AW Ransomware.   We say that customers who are interested in HCP AW can recover data through the Versioning function of HCP AW if they are infected with Ransomware.   But ther...
    sanghoon lee
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  • Installing HCP Anywhere 4.0 Edge for Demo

    Open video

    Thomas Massano
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  • HCP Anywhere 4.0 Demo Install

    Open video

    Thomas Massano
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  • Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio Wins 2018 Stratus Award

    Today the Business Intelligence Group announced the winners of the 2018 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing, and we are happy to share that the Hitachi Content Platform portfolio was named a Private Cloud Provider winne...
    Govanna Flores
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  • Which Kaspersky anti-malware would be deployed with HCP Anywhere?

    Which Kaspersky anti-malware would be deployed with HCP Anywhere? - Kaspersky Security for Storage or - Kaspersky Total Security for Business 10.0 Our Kaspersky re-seller told us to install Kaspersky Security for ...
    Thammasak Nimit
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  • Data Governance: Turning the compliance challenge to your advantage

    With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in place and ransomware attacks hitting the front pages of newspapers, data governance is currently a hot topic for enterprises. High-level executives are asking qu...
    Herwig Evenepoel
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  • Compliance As A Competitive Advantage

    Object storage is key part of the digital transformation taking place among our customers as they use it to deliver insight and enable themselves to compete more effectively, and help workers around the world collabor...
    Jeff Lundberg
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  • Mobility is the New Normal

    Mobility is the new normal. Gartner states that ~30% of corporate data resides exclusively on laptops or mobile devices. Although this data is used for business purposes, it is not always protected or secured by IT an...
    Jeff Lundberg
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  • When Worlds (Don't) Collide: Content Mobility and Data Governance

    In the past I have written about mobility as the new normal and how “With the right enterprise-grade tools, IT can encourage proper data mobility so workers can work the way they want, from wherever they want.&#...
    Jeff Lundberg
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  • HCP Anywhere - prevent to save locally doesnt seem to work

    Hi, At customers site we have installed HCP-AW 3.1 and the installation is running in a Citrix environment. To prevent files to be stored locally in the different user profiles, the customer has already set the reg k...
    Ralf Buschmann
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  • Redefining File Services: Unveiling the way to a smarter data storage strategy

    The pressure on IT teams is quickly approaching breaking point. The extraordinary growth of unstructured data is showing no signs of slowing down, and expectations for innovative new services are rising fast. Across t...
    Herwig Evenepoel
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  • Companies Seek Data Mobility Goldilocks

    Enterprises everywhere are at a data mobility crossroads. Many companies have moved along the acceptance curve of the BYOD trend, but others use a stop-gap approach when it comes to providing true data protection and ...
    Jeff Lundberg
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  • hcpaw node 2 default access log GET / HTTP/1.1" 404

    after upgrade hcpaw to v3.0.3.58 from 3.0.2, we found that node 2 not able to redirect to the root directory as to compare to node 1.  Here is the output of default access log   node 1 - - - [...
    Mohd Azmir Abd Aziz
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  • hcpaw upgrade precheck failure

    hi, i have a cluster HCPAW vm with version HF0010. I try to upgrade to version and during upgrade the precheck failed. it showed as below   event ID: 10044 Cannot perform upgrade. Failed to exec...
    Mohd Azmir Abd Aziz
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  • What's the full name of AW POD-recovery

    Team,   When we talked about HCP-AW ,we always say "POD-recovery", my question is:what's the full name of POD recovery?   Thanks Jianbin Shen
    Jianbin Shen
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  • HCP Anywhere not accessible after upgrade to 2.1

    Hi,   In a very small lab deployment, I've upgraded both Virtual Anywhere nodes from 2.0.4 to Everything looked normal during the upgrade, which I was following while doing other stuff. The last messag...
    Joao Serra
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  • Issue on upgrade hcpanywhere from version to

    I run hcpanywhere (Single Node VM in test environment) version and upgrade to After server reboot, status upgrade is complete but see message "filesystem is nearly full" point on filesystem /boot. H...
  • Tenant configuration problem on Anywhere

    Hello All,   During a POC ; I'm facing a tenant configuration problem which I could not succeeded to solve.   I have following versions   HCP AW   After I've installed succesf...
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  • Can i convert HCPAW single node to multi node

    Hii I have POC about Hitachi Anywhere and I want to convert one of my old server (VMDK) to double cluster server is it possible or I need to delete everything and start again and also lost all of the data
    Seccad Caglayan
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  • HCP Anywhere VM -  peer not authenticated

    Hi all,   we've configured a HCP and HCP Anywhere VM system. All nodes are working fine. But now we're not able to add a tenant to HCP Anywhere because of the following error message:   -> peer not auth...
    Martin Villringer
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