• Upgrade G400 to G600

    Hello Guys Guys i am going to upgrade G400 to G600. Is it an online process ? where can i find any documentation or manual about this process? Thanks
    Mohamed b Essam
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  • vsp g400 and vplex compatibility

    Is HITACHI VSP G400 Array compatible  with EMC VPLEX VS2 code 5.4.1 ? Thanks
    Mohamed b Essam
    created by Mohamed b Essam
  • Reason of Hitachi Data Ingestion 6.4.2  MNG0 Virtual IP Fluctuations between processing nodes

    Reason of Hitachi Data Ingestion 6.4.2  MNG0 VIP Fluctuations between processing nodes.   We have Two Physical Nodes HDI Diskless Appliance configured with Three  CIFS share and corresponding file-syst...
    Ajay Punjabi
    created by Ajay Punjabi
  • storage assessment

    working on storage assessment  To give you a little brief, we currently have challenges with the current storage environment in terms of capacity and performance.  Engineers from third  party is assigne...
    dhruv kalia
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  • POC opps for DataCenter HW system

    We, Delta Electronics, are looking forward to some POC opps for putting our DataCenter infra products including OT(Operating Tech – Rack, PDU, UPS, Power shelf, BBU, etc.), CT(Communication Tech – Networ...
    Steven Teng
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  • RFP VSP G Series

    Hi All,   Can anyone share me an RFP for VSP G series, because when i downloaded from partner.portal the file always shown as corrupted file and cannot open. Pls i need ASAP
    Koen Fayatulloh
    created by Koen Fayatulloh
  • UCP HC V120F(D52B-1U) power consumption and heat output

    Hi guys,   I want to get the environmental information; power consumption and heat output of UCP HC V120F(D52B-1U). There is no these information even in QCT homepage. Is there anybody can help this? Please let ...
    Seung Woo Cho
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  • Change csv separator

    How to change property in BA to export csv file with ";"
    Marcelo Lins de Souza
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  • Hi all, what is exact size of a page?

    Can any explain what is size of a page?
    satheesh kumar
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  • Global Hotspare

    Is there global hotspare on G1000?
    Dennis Gacutan
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  • HAD - Job-migration

    Will it be possible to migrate all jobs etc created in HAD on HUS VM to HAD on VSP Gx00
    Steen Balle
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  • Hi Guys, Can I expand the LDEV P-Vol in GAD environment. If yes, what is the correct procedure.

    Hi Guys, my customer setup the GAD and want to know how to expand the LUNs, so can I expand the LDEV P-Vol in GAD environment. If yes, what is the correct procedure.
    Steven Chan
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  • How do you see the SI's evolving in the next two years?

    Hi Colleagues, What are your views about the channel evolving in next few years?
    Sushma Kajaria
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  • G200: RMI-API problem

    Could someone help me to fix this issue, I have the following error message: RMI-API server has been forcibly stopped.(TRRMIS002513). Thanks in advice
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  • Partnership Levels & requirments

    Hello Guys , i just wanna ask about the levels of partnerships and what each are the requirements of each of them ....also how to go from one lvl to another...Thanks
    Mohamed b Essam
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  • I wonder which one of HDI and HNAS is better for file server use.

    Hello. I'm hoony in south korea. I have a Question about "file server system"   I wonder which one of HDI and HNAS is better for file server use.   I know that both HDI and HNAS are available for file serv...
    sanghoon lee
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  • New Video - Hitachi Adapters for Oracle

    Hitachi Adapters for Oracle: In this Product Overview you'll learn about 5 Hitachi Adapters for Oracle databases: Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Recovery Manager, Oracle VM, Oracle ASRU and Oracle WebCenter. You'l...
    Brett Cavanagh
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  • Competitive Infos

    Hi colleagues,   I'm looking for a comparison of the HCP Platform with some vendors offerings like EMC, NetApp, and so on. In older Days, there where Excel Sheets available on the HDS Docu Library, with such In...
    Ralf Siekierski
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  • HDS Simulator

    I need to develop an application to manage Hitachi VSP and HUS in ServiceNow. From, where I can get the HDS Simulator for both the arrays and the web-based REST API for managing DP Pools, Parity Groups, Volumes, Exter...
    Michael Ratner
    created by Michael Ratner
  • SI with Pvol HDT and Svol HDP VSP G400

    Hi All,   Good day,   i have a case, in my customer have VSP G400, use replication SI, and Pvol come from HDT and Svol from HDP. cycle time in HDT set 8 hours. My question and concerns is when we initial...
    Jill Ross
    created by Jill Ross