Generosa Litton

Join Hitachi at IoT World and Learn How You Can Achieve Energy Independence with IoT

Blog Post created by Generosa Litton Employee on Apr 21, 2016

Hitachi will be at the Internet of Things World, booth #310 in Santa Clara CA, May 10-12 showcasing various IoT-enabled solutions one of which focuses on oil field optimization.  This solution is one of the more interesting ones I've seen as we are in a climate that encourages greater energy independence.  Various producers are obtaining oil and natural gas from various drilling wells from shale formations all over the United States. 
However, due to numerous challenges including economic uncertainty, lower oil prices, and higher drilling costs, upstream shale producers are constantly looking for new ways to harness resources more efficiently.  With the advent of advanced analytics and
the Internet of Things (aka IoT), companies can now leverage the vast amount of data coming from the field to gain new insights into their shale well operations. 
The research team from Hitachi’s Global Center for Social Innovation in Santa Clara have developed a
solution that enables shale well producers to use historical and real-time data to gain deeper insights into well performance including the ability to test hypotheses and understand better why each well is performing in a specific manner.


Join us at Internet of Things World and speak directly to the Hitachi research team as well as various members of Hitachi’s IoT group so you too can gain achieve energy independence with IoT. 


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