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How Cool Is That!

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Jun 12, 2018

CRN, Computer Reseller News, a leading trade magazine, has named Hitachi Vantara as one of the 30 Coolest Business Analytics Vendors.This may be a surprise for many to see Hitachi Vantara, part of a 118 year old company with traditional values like Harmony (Wa), Sincerity (Makoto), and Pioneering Spirit (Kaitakusha-Seishin), in the middle of a list of technology startups.  Hitachi and Hitachi Vantara considers business analytics to be one of the key drivers for our customer’s success in this age of big data, digital transformation and IoT and is approaching business analytics with the same “startup” or pioneering spirit that has sustained us for over 118 years.


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Hitachi Vantara’s appearance in this list of 30 “cool” companies may also be surprising from a “coolness” standpoint. Most of these companies are hip new startups. The next oldest company is Microsoft, who like us, have had to reinvent themselves, many times to remain relevant.


Actually, Hitachi Vantara is the new kid on the block since it was formed in September of 2017 with the merger of Hitachi Data Systems (IT infrastructure systems), Hitachi Pentaho (Data Integration and analytics), and Hitachi Insights (IoT). CRN recognizes that Hitachi Vantara is able to provide, “cloud, Internet of Things, big data, and business analytics products under one roof.” CRN cites Pentaho as a core Hitachi Vantara product for data integration, business analytics and data visualization. CRN also mentioned Pentaho’s new machine learning orchestration tools, available as a plug-in through the Pentaho Marketplace, to help data scientists, better monitor, test, retrain, and redeploy predictive models in production


We have registered over 1,500 licenses of Pentaho enterprise users. However, since Pentaho is open source, with a thriving community of open source users, there are hundreds of thousands of open source users and we are adding about 5K to 10K new users per week. While Pentaho positions us to have a place on this list, there is much more to what Hitachi Vantara can provide for big data and business analytics.


CRN’s report positions business analysis tools at the top of the big data tools pyramid to derive insight and value from the ever-growing volume of data. Hitachi Vantara focusses on the entire pyramid since the insights and value are only as good as the data that goes into it.


While Pentaho is a core product in our analytics portfolio, we have other analytic tools like:

  • Hitachi Content Intelligence is part of our Hitachi Content portfolio that automates the extraction, classification, enrichment, and categorization of data residing on Hitachi Vantara and third party repositories, on premise or in the cloud.
  • Hitachi Data Streaming Platform provides proactive data streaming analytics to transform streaming IoT data to valuable business outcomes.
  • Hitachi Video Analytics can drive new business success through insights into customer behavior and preferences.
  • Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor uses machine learning to prescribe optimal IT infrastructure performance SLAs to improve user satisfaction, simplify budget forecasting with predictive analysis, and accelerate fault resolution using AI to diagnose root cause analysis, prescribe resolution and enable admins to automate fixes.


Hitachi Vantara also has the good fortune to be part of a larger Global Hitachi corporation that has operational expertise in many industries, from healthcare, to energy, to transportation systems. This expertise is critical in developing industry or business specific analytic models and automation tools that drive business outcomes.


CRN put together this list of 30 business analytics companies for the following purpose:


“…we've put together a list of 30 business analytics software companies that solution providers should be aware of, offering everything from simple-to-use reporting and visualization tools to highly sophisticated software for tackling the most complex data analysis problems.”


Hitachi Vantara is proud to be recognized as one of the 30 Coolest Business Analytics Vendors by CRN Big Data 100. We congratulate the other members of this list. Since big data and analytics requires an ecosystem of vendors, I am sure that we will be working with many of these vendors as we are already working with vendors like Microsoft and SalesForce. We will be working with many more vendors and customers as we continue to develop the pyramid of big data tools that will be required to address our customer’s business requirements.


"Cool" wasn't in anybody's vocabulary 118 years ago, but the essence was captured in Harmony, Sincerity, and Pioneering spirit.