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Why Hitachi Vantara and What Does Vantara Mean?

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Oct 25, 2017

Two of the question I get from Hitachi Data Systems customers that I have known for many years are “Why the Name change? And What does Vantara mean?” I had that discussion again this morning.

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There is a very good 7 minute video interview by Teri McClure and Mark Peters of ESG that answers these two questions through conversations with Asim Zaheer, our Chief Marketing Officer regarding why the change and with Mary Ann Gallo, our Chief Communications Officer as to why the name Vantara was chosen.


Asim explains that the change was driven by the merger of three Hitachi Companies, Hitachi Data Systems known for IT infrastructure solutions, Pentaho a leader in data integration and analytics, and Hitachi Insights who is responsible for the Lumada IoT platform. The combination of these three related companies into one entity, with one focus on data from edge to business outcomes creates a synergy that is more than the sum of the parts. For Hitachi Data Systems’ customers this does not mean a focus away from our core IT business, but an expansion of our IT business through the integrated portfolio of Hitachi Vantara. We are as committed as ever to our Hitachi Data Systems customers and are better positioned to help them with their digital transformation goals.


Mary Ann, explained that the name Vantara is a portmanteau, a linguistic blend of words. The V is a reference to virtualization which has played a key role in our success as an infrastructure virtualization company. Virtualization could also refer to Pentaho’s data integration tools, and to the asset avatar in Lumada, which is a digital representation of a physical asset like an IoT machine. The other parts could refer to a vantage point or to an advantage.


I personally like the name, because it is not tied down to a temporal technology or trend, like “network” or “business machine” or person’s name. While Hitachi Data Systems was an established brand, it was closely identified with storage. Vantara can represent more than storage, or any of today’s technologies. While it has no meaning it has a linguistic link to what we do without confining us to a particular technology. I also like the Fact that we have kept Hitachi in the name to show our linkage to Hitachi’s core values, Wa - harmony, Makoto -sincerity and Kaitakusha-Seishin - pioneering spirit.


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