Hu Yoshida

Hitachi Data Systems is no more, but Hitachi is more with Vantara!

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Sep 29, 2017

Last week we announced that Hitachi Data Systems, was integrated with two other companies, Hitachi Insight Group and Pentaho to form a new legal entity that is called Hitachi Vantara. Nothing was lost in this integration, in fact the benefits of this integration was greater than the sum of the parts. All the resources, the intellectual property, the experience and solutions capabilities of Hitachi Data Systems are now augmented by the IOT capabilities of Hitachi Insights and the analytics of Pentaho.


The response has been very positive as the industry is focusing on digital transformation and business outcomes. However, one of our competitors in the storage space published a blog speculating that this announcement indicated a move away from enterprise storage. This is nonsense, and would have been clear to them if they had read our announcement letter or any of the social media like the Register, which followed the announcement. In our announcement letter we stated:

“Hitachi Vantara will continue to develop the trusted data management and analytics technologies Hitachi is known for, including Hitachi’s popular data infrastructure, storage and compute solutions, and Pentaho software. It will also be driving the development of strategic software and services solutions, including Hitachi Smart Data Center software and services, Lumada, Hitachi’s IoT platform, now available as a standalone, commercial software offering, and Hitachi co-creation services”.


This storage competitor made the misleading claim that we didn’t release any new flash storage offerings and that we do not have NVMe support. This is obviously false based on our concurrent release of New Converged Infrastructure Systems which includes the UCP CI (built on Hitachi VSP flash systems), and the UCP HC, which includes next generation NVMe flash. Perhaps they missed this since they are only able to talk about storage and not about hyper converged solutions with NVMe acceleration, and end-to-end software which provides automated provisioning, simplified data management, orchestration, and improved operational efficiencies for a converged infrastructure including Storage, compute, and networking. While we have delivered NVMe support, this competitor’s NVMe is still months away.


Today a storage vendor that is tied to the hardware, will have a hard-time pivoting to software-defined offerings, moving up the stack to provide automation, analytics & higher-value solutions, and delivering value in cloud environments. Customers prefer dealing with vendors that can be outcome and business focused.


Hitachi Vantara is about solutions and business outcomes and not about boxes.