Hu Yoshida

What Can You Do Without an ATM Card?

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Aug 22, 2017

Suppose that you are a cool young man strolling on the beach and notice a hot young lady who wants a cold bottle of water. A cold bottle of water is available for a price, but the young lady obviously does not have any money on her person.


The chivalrous young man would like to help but he also does not have any money to pay for the water. You are in Luck, if you happen to be in Poland! Watch this video to see how this young man saves the day with the help of Hitachi technology!



In a distributed digital world, to have 100% identity assurance and authentication is vital to financial and transactional security. Discover the key identity assurance technology that is at the heart of a digital security portfolio: Hitachi’s unique and innovative finger vein biometric technology.

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