Hu Yoshida

Using Blockchain to Fight Poisoning

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Aug 15, 2017


I have been out sick for the last two weeks due to a stomach bug. Never missed as much work before in my life. It was so bad I went to acute care twice for an IV. During this time between bouts of fitful sleep and trips to the bathroom, I listened to the TV news which was even more depressing with escalating nuclear threats, opioid explosion, extremist demonstrations, and tragic hate crimes.


However, there was one bit of news which I felt promising. The San Jose Mercury News reported that Blockchain technology is being used to fight food fraud which has become a serious global issue. Walmart is just completing a trial run to trace pork in China where it has more than 400 stores. A Chinese company said it will use the technology to track chickens from coop to processing to the store. Alibaba is also investigating block chain technology to provide greater product integrity working with food suppliers in Australia and New Zealand as well as in China.


If there was a global way to ensure the safety of our food supply, it may have helped prevent the suffering which I just went through. This is just another use of technology for social innovation.