Hu Yoshida

Hitachi Content Platform Continues to Extend Its Lead in OBS

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Apr 14, 2017

The Hitachi Data Systems’ object based storage (OBS) solution HCP (Hitachi Content Platform) has earned another analyst assessment as a leader in the Object Based Storage (OBS) Market. In addition to being named a leader in IDC’s MarketScape: Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2016 Vendor Assessment and Gartner’s 2016 Critical Capabilities For Object Storage Report, HCP was ranked number 1 in the March 2017 GigaOm Sector Roadmap: Object storage for enterprise capacity-driven workloads. This latest report has HDS widening the gap with the other vendors in the OBS market with a score of 4.5 while the other 8 closest vendors are clustered together in a range from 3.3 to 3.8.

GigaOm HCP.png


Interpreting the Chart

The GigaOm chart IS:

  • • An indication of a company’s relative strength across all vectors (based on the score/number in the chart)
  • • An indication of a company’s relative strength along an individual vector (based on the size of ball in the chart)
  • • A visualization of the relative importance of each of the key Disruption Vectors that GigaOm has identified for the enterprise object storage marketplace. They have weighted the Disruption Vectors in terms of their relative importance to one another.


GigaOm is a technology research and analysis firm. They describe themselves as being “forward-leaning, with a futures-oriented take on the trends and tools that are shaping the economy of the 21st century: Cloud, Data, Mobile, Work Futures, and the Internet of Things.”  GigaOm reaches over 6.5 million monthly unique readers, with a mobile reach of over 2 million monthly visitors. This report was authored by Enrico Signoretti, a thought leader in the storage industry, a trusted advisor and founder of Juku Consulting.


This report is a stand-alone assessment on object store and does not review other products included in the HCP Portfolio, such as HDI, HCP Anywhere, and Hitachi Content Intelligence.  The report is a vendor-level analysis that examines an expanding segment of the market—object storage for secondary and capacity-driven workloads in the enterprise—by reviewing major vendors, forward-looking solutions, and outsiders along with the primary use cases.  Vendors covered in the report include: Scality, SwiftStack, EMC ECS, RedHat Ceph, HDS HCP, NetApp StorageGRID Webscale, Cloudian, Caringo, DDN, and HGST.


The heaviest weighted disruptive vector, identified at 30%, was the Core. This refers to the Core Architecture. According to GigaOm: “Most of the basic features are common to all object storage systems, but the back-end architecture is fundamental when it comes to overall performance and scalability. Some products available in the market have a better scalability record and show more flexibility than others when it comes to configuration topology, flexibility of data protection schemes, tiering capabilities, multi-tenancy, metadata handling, and resource management. Some of these characteristics are not very relevant to enterprise use cases, especially when the size of the infrastructure is less than 1PB in capacity or built out of a few nodes. However, in the long term, every infrastructure is expected to grow and serve more applications and workload types.


Core Architecture is what distinguishes HCP from all the rest. The core architecture has enabled Hitachi Data Systems to expand the HCP portfolio, with Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) an elastic- scale, backup-free cloud file server with advanced storage and data management capabilities, HCP Anywhere a simple, secure and smart file-sync-and-share solution, Hitachi Content Intelligence (HCI) software that automates the extraction, classification, enrichment and categorization of data residing on both HDS and third-party repositories.


These are valuable capabilities that Hitachi Data Systems has built on their HCP object storage based system which are not included in the OBS evaluations by the different analysts. Last week I blogged about the value of a centralized data hub and the importance of cleansing and correcting the data as you ingest it; moving data quality upstream and embedding it into the business process, rather than trying to catch flawed data downstream and then attempting to resolve the flaw in all the different applications that are used by other people. The Hitachi Content Intelligence software can help you cleanse and correct data that you are ingesting into the HCP object based storage. This is a capability that is not available in other OBS.


If you consider the breadth and depth of the HCP portfolio rather than just the object storage traits that are common to all OBS products, you will realize the full power of this portfolio. While GigaOm does not consider HDI, HCP Anywhere, or Hitachi Content Intelligence, directly in its disruption vectors, they do point out that;


“Core architecture choices are not only important for scalability or performance. With better overall design, it is easier for the vendor to implement additional features aimed at improving the platform and thus the user experience as well.


This what Hitachi Data Systems has been able to do with HCP. Stay tuned for additional features and functions in the HCP portfolio as we continue to evolve to meet new market challenges.