Hu Yoshida

Data Governance: A Key Stakeholder in Digital Transformation

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Mar 16, 2017

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Data is the foundation for digital transformation and the strategy for digital transformation requires data management, data governance, data mobility, and data analytics. While IT has a pretty good understanding of what is required by management, mobility and analytics, governance is not as well understood. IT people shudder when compliance managers or (heaven forbid!) lawyers join the planning meeting for a transformation project, because they believe that they will be bogged down with requirements which will delay their implementation.


This should not be the case. Data governance must be an equal stakeholder with data management, data mobility, and data analytics. They must work together to improve information exchange. Together they need to ask the tough questions first; who owns the data, where is the data, what data is it related to, who can use the data, how do you monitor the usage, retention, protection, purging, etc. They must determine the roles and responsibilities regarding the creation and management of data within the organization. They need to have a clear understanding of their requirements at a regulatory, business, and corporate asset level in order to apply best practices.


Eliminating silo’s of data and copies of data not only reduces governance risk, but also reduces management costs. The Hitachi Content Platform, HCP provides extensive meta data capabilities, that enables the elimination of data silos and the need to copy data for distribution to mobile platforms. HCP has the unique ability for annotations to be added after the initial saving of the file.  This provides the ability to run analytics to extract content from the files and then add this into the meta data. The meta data can include flags for confidentiality for personally identifiable information, triggering data protection regulations. Audio files can be tagged with transcripts of conversations, making them searchable by keywords. What is good for governance is also good for management, mobility, and analytics. See my blog post on how our HDS Chief Compliance officer uses HCP


HCP makes it possible to integrate data governance with data management, mobility, and analytics and stay ahead of the compliance and governance curve with digital transformation.


Recently, Hitachi Data Systems won Best Information Governance Company 2016 at The Information Governance Conference 2016, reaffirming Hitachi Content Platform’s ability to solve modern data challenges. HCP has deployed 500 petabytes of capacity, generated $1 billion in revenue and is used by four out of five of the largest banks in the world. Additionally, there has been an average of 1000% year-on-year growth of HCP software since 2010.