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With our greatest gratitude and best wishes for the future

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Aug 1, 2016

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Social innovation has been a long term vision for Hitachi and Hitachi Data Systems. Today, that vision is embodied in our strategy for digital transformation. Digital transformation is a major focus as businesses face the disruptive forces of the third platform: social, mobile, analytics, and cloud. Add to this the growing adoption of the Internet of things, where operational data from sensors and machines is integrating with information technology to provide new opportunities for social innovation. Hitachi and Hitachi Data Systems is in the best position to help customers on their Digital Transformation journeys due to the strategy and vision we have been following over the past 12 years.

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This strategy starts with the base building blocks, software defined infrastructure, content management, and information intelligence. As the model matured we added the cloud provisioning extensions, and the common advanced analytics platform for IoT verticals. The author of this strategy was Jack Domme. Having provided us with this strategy which has proven to be adaptable and effective for future growth, Jack has decided to leave Hitachi and move on to new challenges. We are grateful to Jack for his contributions to Hitachi and HDS that have positioned us for a bright future.


Back in 2003, Hitachi Data Systems was a high end storage company. We had excellent, highly reliable, hardware, but our management software was not the easiest to use, so we were looking for someone to lead our software operations. One day I was asked to interview a gentleman from StorageNetworks, a successful data storage services company that was being acquired by another company. It was clear that this person knew the software, networking and services business, but more importantly I was impressed with his vision for the future of information systems. That was Jack Domme.


Jack immediately began organizing our software operations, and won the respect of our Hitachi software developers with his clear communication of requirements and direction for our storage management software. He also brought in a team of managers, who now hold key positions in our future direction as one Hitachi:  Brian Householder, currently the HDS COO for sales, marketing and business development, John Mansfield, President and CTO Hitachi Platform Division, and Hicham Abdessamad, the President and CEO at Hitachi Consulting.


With his successful leadership in software operations Jack was promoted to HDS COO in 2007, and then to CEO in 2008. During Jack’s seven-year tenure as CEO, he led the company through many significant changes rapidly moving HDS from being a storage provider to a full-fledged, global IT solutions company. With world-class engineering, marketing and sales, HDS now offers a full portfolio that includes infrastructure, content, information, analytics, applications and vertical industry solutions. HDS’ revenue mix has shifted from only 23% software and services to now more than 65% software and services in 2016 – building a more consistent annuity revenue stream for the company. Jack instilled a strong performance-based culture that has inspired staff around the world and won many awards even as the company has doubled in size. HDS has maintained a 100% track record of meeting or exceeding the annual HDS operating plan throughout the seven years even amidst a dynamic global economy, rapid changes in the IT industry and the transformation of HDS’ business model from a factory-out hardware company to a complete solutions company that enables digital transformation through enhanced data management, governance, mobility and analytics.


I speak for all my colleagues at HDS in thanking Jack for his many contributions to HDS that have brought us to where we are today and positions us for an even greater future. We thank Jack’s wife Karen and his four daughters who have had to put up with Jack’s crazy schedule during his time at HDS when he had to be called away from many family dinners and soccer practices. Most of all we thank him for instilling in us a performance based culture which will continue with our new CEO, Ryuichi Otsuki.


Mr. Otsuki is no stranger to me or to HDS. He has been a long-time supporter of Jack and his leadership team and is very familiar with HDS’ strategy from his previous role on the HDS board, and general manager of the Hitachi Social Innovation Promotion Division. In his internal announcement of Jacks departure, he thanked Jack for preparing us and for setting a strong course for our continuing success as we remain united and committed to his vision.


We wish Jack all the best in his future endeavors.