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Cloud Optimized VSP G Series With Built In NAS

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Apr 30, 2016

Last week we announced the new cloud optimized VSP Gx00 Series with built in NAS functionality for the VSP G400/600/800 models. This takes the Tier 1 VSP with our Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS)  to a new level by adding   “native” NAS capability to our proven SAN solutions.


This is not just any NAS, but includes all the advanced capabilities of our unique FPGA HNAS architecture which enables parallel high performance throughput, user transparent and non disruptive deduplication, file aware tiering,  VM awareness, data migration to cloud, and third party migration. There is really a lot in this announcement that takes some time to cover. In this post I will cover three topics that I think would be of the most benefit to Unified Storage users.


Taking Advantage of Cloud Economics

The VSP G400/600/800 have an enhancement to the SVOS code which provides secure data migration to our HCP object store or to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services. With this Data Migration to Cloud (DMT2C) feature, customers can significantly reduce CAPEX by tiering “cold” files from their primary Tier 1 VSP Hitachi flash storage to lower cost HCP or public cloud services.,

Movement of files to and from HCP and the public cloud is through the 10Gb/S ethernet ports on embedded NAS modules using HTTP/HTTPs, and is automatic and transparent to users and applications once tiering policies are defined. Data Migration to Cloud (DM2C) provides seamless integration with the cloud.


The embedded NAS modules have the same FPGA architecture as our HNAS gateways. This architecture enables the movement of data directly from the disk interface FPGA to the network interface FPGA for transport out the 10Gb/S ports without the burden of software overhead for faster migration and recall of data.

VSP Cloud.jpg


Unique Unified NAS/SAN Architecture

The VSP G Series Unified is a new Unified product. Our previous Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) was a midrange storage system with an HNAS gateway that was connected through FC ports to the HUS storage. The new VSP Gx00 Series comes with two NAS modules with built in auto clustering, connected to the storage controller through the PCI bus (back plane). FC cables are no longer required to connect to the storage and no external cabling is required for the clustering. The two NAS modules automatically create a cluster in a box and that box is an enterprise VSP that has the same virtualization and active/active availability of the VSP G1000. The HNAS System Management Unit (SMU) that used to require 1U rack space is now integrated and runs as a VM inside the Unified VSP G platform.  With this new architecture, significant cooling, power, and real-estate savings can be realized, all with the deep feature set of SVOS and HNAS.


Significant storage savings via real-time, user-transparent primary data deduplication  with almost zero impact to performance is attributed to our FPGA architecture. Other vendors require dedupe to be scheduled for off-peak hours because it significantly degrades performance – a non-starter in our 24/7 business environment


Customer proof point: Alior bank deployed VMware over NFS and reduced storage requirements by ~60%, with zero downtime in six years (using previous generation Hitachi Unified Storage platform).







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  VM Awareness

The VSP Gx00 Series is fully integrated with VMware vSphere. A key feature of  vSphere 6.0 is Virtual Volumes) VVOL, which is supported through a custom VASA provider. VVOL enables granular storage management at the VM level. One to one mapping of VM’s to (VVOL) now allows the application owner to identify specific SLO’s that match their app/VM requirements.


VAAI is another key interface. This enables vSphere storage array integration offloads of services from ESX to the storage array.  Support for SRA, site failover orchestration is provided to ensure repeatable site failover processes

Hitachi Virtual Infrastructure Integrator (V2I) for NFS & FCP is also available for VM integrated storage snapshot backup with zero backup window and efficient capacity management. Simplified management is provided with predefined and flexible backup policies. Fast, predictable recovery with more RPOs and better RTO with granular recovery of virtual machines. Automated VM backups and VM vaulting now takes seconds.


These are just a few of the feature of the VSP G Series Unified Storage system. For more information see the press release

or contact your HDS sales or HDS channel representative.