Hu Yoshida

Mainframes in the cloud

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Feb 26, 2016



It’s been a while since I’ve written about one of my favorite topics – mainframe Systems. During this time we have been busy enhancing our mainframe storage support. Unlike other mainframe storage vendors we work continuously on mainframe support with our latest advances.   Accordingly, since introducing the VSP G1000 with mainframe support two years ago we continue to improve the platform adding both new IBM storage features and also the latest in Enterprise storage technology. 

Front and center here is our work bringing out advanced solid state Flash storage advantages.    With the recent announcement of the Hitachi FMD DC2 flash modules we have added to both performance and scalability, while reducing the costs below that of traditional high performance 15K RPM disk mainframe storage.    The chart below is an example of the performance improvements that can be achieved.

We see increasing interest from mainframe customers about hybrid or all flash storage. Working closely with IBM our system design reflects appropriate use of the additional I/O processing power that is unique to mainframe channels along with the host based coprocessors available for database acceleration and data compression.  Nathan Moffitt did a great interview recently on this with several of our field mainframe experts that talks about flash storage and the mainframe market.

Mainfram perf.jpg

We have also been tracking IBM’s evolving approach to selling and delivering mainframe systems with our announcement of support for the new IBM LinuxONE systems.   Pursuing new uses for mainframes in Cloud systems, IBM is delivering a turnkey highly scalable Linux system, oriented to new cloud-based applications across open interfaces such as REST.   From an administrative and application point of view, a LinuxONE system is like any other Linux system, running either Redhat or Suse distributions.   We announced LinuxONE support with both the VSP G1000 and also with the more cost efficient VSP G200, 400, 600 and 800 storage systems.

In keeping with our corporate shift to embrace cloud-based IT, in addition to adding LinuxONE support last week we announced that we have joined with IBM and others in the Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project.   This group of customer and industry leaders is committed to expanding the Linux ecosystem on mainframe systems and also increasing related education and training opportunities.

  Next week we will be at the SHARE mainframe conference in San Antonio, Texas.    Notably, on Monday our own Roberto Basilio (VP, IT Infrastructure Platforms Product Management) will be presenting the  MVSS Project Opening  “Is Information Growth a Challenge or an Opportunity for Mainframe Storage Customers?” from 11:15 to 12:15 in room 221C and also on Monday from 12:30 to 1:30 our customer UBS AG is giving a lunch and learn on their experiences implementing  OLFC (Object-Level FlashCopy).  If you have a chance, drop by for some of our sessions or for a visit in the booth.