Hu Yoshida

Hitachi Data Systems Delivers Live Insight for IT Operations

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Jul 27, 2015

The data center has evolved into complex, virtualized, containerized, and distributed systems which span traditional and cloud based implementations. In addition to the data and information that is generated for business purposes, there is a large amount of data that originates in systems, applications, servers, storage, networks, sensors, and meters to monitor and log the health and usage of data center objects. The amount of this data is so massive that most data centers are only able to use a small amount of this data to manage IT operations. With millions of different data points it becomes difficult to troubleshoot and recover from application or equipment failures. If all this information could be collected, correlated, analyzed, and visualized, IT teams could take appropriate action before problems occur leading to actionable insights.


Hitachi Live Insight for IT Operations combines advanced analytics with the scalability of the cloud to improve problem resolution and prevention. The solution delivers improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit.


The Hitachi Live Insight for IT Operations solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that stores and analyzes terabytes of data in real time. The solution uses unique machine learning algorithms to reduce hundreds of thousands of logs into groups to diminish Mean Time to Identification (MTTI).  The solution also uses machine-learning algorithms to help customers predict problems before they become issues.


The solution is made up of three components.


The first component is the collector, which is notated by the red cubes in the picture on the left. Collectors are the part of the solution that gathers, compresses, encrypts and sends customer data to the cloud. With Live Insight for IT Operations, there are two types of collectors you can deploy. An Installed Collector can be deployed in the customer data center on a bare metal server or a virtual machine and can have one or many sources of data. A Hosted Collector can also be hosted in the cloud if the source is http or S3.


The second component is the cloud. The cloud is a secure and scalable repository for customer data and is able to scale up or scale down as needed by spiking customer demands. With the cloud, there is no need for the upfront investment of hardware.


The last component is the portal. The portal is the web application that allows users to search, visualize and analyze the data sitting in their repository. Interactive dashboards overlay data from multiple sources to visually correlate events and highlight the relationship between operational metrics and business results. The portal also allows administrators to centrally manage all collectors.


Hitachi Live Insight for IT Operations is focused on IT performance and availability. The prime use cases are reducing meantime to repair (MTTR) and using predictive analytics to determine infrastructure breakdowns before it happens.


This solution has been chosen by a large global FSI (Financial Services Institution) who had been experiencing unanticipated outages all too frequently. Just prior to their initial meeting with HDS, they experienced a 15-hour outage! With Hitachi Live Insight for IT Operations, this FSI will now have 100% visibility across their entire infrastructure, with a single repository for all their machine data for IT operations and root cause analysis. Further, they can accurately predict outages before they occur and use advanced analytics tools to reduce MTTI/MTTR (Mean Time to Investigate and Resolve Problems). Compared to proposals from leading log analytics vendors the Hitachi solution was up to 70% less expensive, due to the use of a SaaS delivery model.


For more information about Hitachi’s Live Insight for IT Operations, download this solution profile and contact your Hitachi Data System sales representative.