Hu Yoshida

Hitachi Partners to Build a Big Data Marketplace for Copenhagen’s Green Initiative

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Apr 8, 2015

On March 2, 2015 Hitachi Consulting was chosen to build an innovative Big Data Platform for Denmark’s capitol, Copenhagen, to improve the quality of life in the Copenhagen area, to stimulate business activity, and to help achieve its ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2025.




What is unique about this Big Data platform is that it is being built in partnership with the City of Copenhagen, Capital Region (the administrative region within and around Copenhagen), the Danish cluster organization, CLEAN and a consortium of partners to establish a city-wide big data marketplace for the sale and purchase of data between businesses. This will be the first time that public data and private data that is volunteered by businesses and citizens will be combined. The availability of this big data platform will enable large established companies, small medium enterprises (SME), start-up companies, as well as academia and public sector to come together and integrate multiple sources of information to meet the challenges of sustainability and quality of life.


The purpose of Hitachi’s Big Data platform is to collect and ingest the data and make it easily available for consumption by public and private entities that are working on sustainable solutions This platform streamlines the analytic process by eliminating the need to rebuild the big data plumbing for each analysis, and eliminates big data silos, which make it difficult to share information with other entities. Over time, it can be used to integrate data from multiple sources, such as demographics, crime statistics, energy consumption meters, air quality sensors and traffic sensors, etc. Pentaho tools for data integration, dashboards, reporting, and visualization will be available for ease of use. While Hitachi will also be developing applications on this platform, it is especially designed to enable others (such as SME, innovative start-ups, and web developers) to quickly develop applications to help the City of Copenhagen, the Capital Region and businesses operating there achieve their goals without needing a huge investment in infrastructure and data gathering.


The concept for this innovative model was developed by CLEAN, a cluster organization that is a platform for companies, knowledge institutions and public actors that want to promote green growth and employment in Denmark. For more information, visit