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HDS Virtual Volumes for Simplified and Efficient IT Operations

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Feb 20, 2015

Finally the wait is over.

hu_022015_1.pngHDS announced at VMware partner exchange the early support of VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes, simplifying customers' cloud journey and extending the value of Hitachi's rich infrastructure solutions. Combination of VVol’s policy based automation and the trusted infrastructure solutions from Hitachi Data Systems, provides a reliable foundation for customers to build upon with confidence.


I covered in my previous blog the transformation potential Virtual Volumes (VVol) promise in aligning business needs with infrastructure resources to provide a competitive edge to customers.


HDS storage-policy-based management allows automated provisioning of virtual machines (VM) and quicker adjustment to business changes. Virtual infrastructure (VI) administrators will have the capability to make changes to policies to reflect changes in business environment, dynamically matching storage-policy requirements for VMs to available storage pools and services.


VVol framework will be implemented across a range of HDS solutions. Following are timelines for VVol support for file and block arrays:

  • VVol framework for Hitachi NAS Platform by March 2015, which is when VMware is expects to announce GA of next release of vSphere.
  • VVol integration with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1000 by May 2015.
  • VVol framework availability to VSP, Hitachi Unified Storage VM and Hitachi Unified Storage by deploying a Hitachi controller as a gateway.




You can watch technical demo of HDS VVol deployment here.


HDS is offering VVol capability without any additional licensing cost for VASA provider.


With customers increasingly looking to deploy converged infrastructure solutions, they can look forward to the benefits of this integration with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform, and advanced Unified Compute Platform Director integration with VMware vCenter.


The powerful combination of storage solutions, deep converged infrastructure management and Hitachi Data Systems vSphere Virtual Volumes implementation will reduce storage management overhead and increase IT efficiency.


Hitachi advantage of data protection in vSphere environment such as snapshot, deduplication and cloning efficiencies will carry over to VVol framework. Upcoming data protection solution Virtual Infrastructure Integrator 3.0 will provide administrators the ability to deliver scalable data protection and management services for their VMware ESXi based virtual machine (VM) infrastructure.


Combining vSphere Virtual Volumes benefits with proven Hitachi storage virtualization and converged management software yields a true software-defined storage management framework.


I expect majority of our customers to test VVol at its GA and incorporate it into their future infrastructure standards and requirement. Customer excitement at HDS VVol booths at VMworld and Partner Exchange and range of questions on technology, benefits and timelines go on to indicate that VVol is likely to have rapid adoption and will become the standard storage management framework for VMware environments sooner than expected.


What do you think?


I would like to acknowledge and thank Dinesh Singh of marketing and Paul Morrissey of product management for development of the VVOL demo and contributions to this post.