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Hitachi Content Platform Raises the Bar for Object Storage with Integrated Content Mobility Solutions

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Jan 20, 2015

Today, Hitachi Data Systems is announcing major enhancements to our Hitachi Content platform that raises the bar for object storage. The graphic below shows the breadth and scope of the Hitachi Content Platform with the new enhancements that are highlighted in red.




Remote Offices

Hitachi Data Ingestor, HDI, which is a file-based gateway for file serving needs at remote/branch offices and on-ramping data to an HCP-based cloud, provides even greater elastic scalability of file storage by managing remote site and cloud storage quotas in a consistent manner from a single interface. This helps free IT from over- and under-provisioned, complex, inefficient, and capital expense focused file servers to right-sized, simplified, optimized gateways where spending can be balanced between capital and operational expense budgets. HDI can be provisioned and managed remotely through HCP Anywhere and combines with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) to offer seamlessly scalable and backup-free file services without requiring application recoding and without changing the way users interact with storage today.


Mobile Devices

Enhancements to Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere, file sync and share tool, empowers mobile workers by going beyond file sync and share to provide mobile access to data in existing NAS systems, so they have secure access to cloud and enterprise data from anywhere, on any device, at any time. This new capability augments existing investments in NAS environments and helps IT bridge the gap between traditional NAS ‘next generation file services.’ Your data no longer needs to be trapped in existing file share environments, nor do you need to embark on an expensive migration. Simply empower users with seamless, secure, readily-available information wherever and whenever they need it, and from any device they choose. Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere also lets users pick from multiple languages for their client systems and offers efficient sync of large, open and duplicate files.


Open Source

The new release of HCP software also allows organizations to extend their cloud ecosystem by permitting the seamless integration of HCP into their OpenStack environment in order to exploit the robust, feature rich, capabilities of HCP as part of their overall OpenStack deployment.  HCP now directly supports the SWIFT API, which is Openstack’s object storage protocol. It also supports the Keystone API, which is Openstack’s authentication protocol (think Active Directory replacement). In addition, other OpenStack modules that interoperate with Swift have been qualified to work seamlessly through HCP’s Swift interfaces. This includes the Horizon management user interfaces and the Glance for vm images.


This means that HCP can be a drop-in replacement for SWIFT in Openstack architectures, similar to HCP’s use of the Amazon S3 API for cloud compatibility.


Erasure Code Tier

The new Hitachi Content Platform S10 extends cloud environments by delivering a cost effective solution that can be easily implemented on premises, for full visibility and control of data.  Hitachi Content Platform S10 is a plug and play solution that contains 60 large capacity consumer drives with two server modules in a dense 4U module. As many as 80 S10s can be connected to HCP through an S3 interface for massive scalability . Erasure coding data protection is provided to ensure long-term protection and fast rebuilds for large datasets at the lowest cost. Content can now be moved seamlessly to the S10 using HCP’s adaptive cloud tiering capability, which already offers organizations the ability to tier content to their choice of public cloud services including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Storage, Verizon Cloud and Hitachi Cloud Service for Content Archiving.


Right Data, Right Place, Right Time

With this announcement Hitachi Data Systems has enhanced the Hitachi Content Platform to provide the only portfolio that offers an integrated solution for private cloud, hybrid cloud, open source clouds, elastic scale backup-free cloud gateways, file sync and share and mobile access to enterprise and cloud based sync and share from a single architecture. This eliminates the complexity of silos and do-it-yourself private and hybrid cloud with an integrated portfolio that is designed, tested and supported from a single vendor, but is also inclusive of existing enterprise, public, and open source environments. By leveraging a common platform customers can enjoy superior cost optimization across multiple use cases, and improved manageability, accessibility, and security from a single point of control.


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