Hu Yoshida

Happy New Year 2015

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Jan 6, 2015

What could be the better subject than Virtual Volumes (VVol) for my first blog of the year 2015. Sometime back I wrote about VVol and its promise to change the paradigm of storage management through significant enhancement in automation and efficiency throughout the life cycle of a virtual machine (VM).  I identified it in my trends for 2015 as an example of how “Software Defined” can provide the communication between software and infrastructure to enhance the capabilities of both.


Arguably, VVol  has been the most talked about subject in VMworld and other industry forums, arousing curiosity from customers and analysts alike. I wrote about VVol in my blog-post.

VVol integration has been a priority for the majority of storage vendors. However, not all implementations are same as the devil lies in the details and that’s where HDS is a cut above the rest. We have worked very closely with VMware as a design partner to implement VVol on storage arrays to realize the full benefits of VVol and the unique capabilities of our storage arrays to our customers. Hitachi’s hallmark product superiority and reliability can be expected from VVol-integration with Hitachi arrays.


I have been frequently asked about how HDS-enabled VVol will solve customer problems, thus sharing key benefits below:




Agile IT: Policy-driven management allows for automated provisioning of VMs and quicker adjustment to business changes. VI admin has the capability to make changes to policies to reflect changes in business environment.


Efficient Resource Utilization: VVol would enable you to map individual VMs to VMDKs, unlike a collection of VMs in LUN-centric storage management. VM-centric storage provisioning essentially eliminates resource overprovisioning and inherent inefficiency in performing data services such as snapshot, replication, cloning etc.


Simplified Operations: Automation in VM-provisioning and management has been on top of IT’s wish list and VVol truly delivers automated policy enforcement. Policy-based management of storage provisioning and delivery of data services leads to immense simplification of storage operations. Instead of presenting storage resource (LUN) in piece-meal fashion to VM-admin, storage admin defines capabilities of resources in the array and publishes them for consumption. Automated mapping ensures placement of VMs to the right resource as per their QoS requirements, defined by VM-admin. Handshake between VM-admin and storage-admin reduces complexity in IT operations.


Streamlined Data Services: VVol allows finer control of storage resources by delivering data services as per the specific application requirement. Data services can be dynamically adjusted in real time to reflect changed business requirements.


HDS would be among the first storage providers to introduce VVol to its enterprise storage arrays in line with VMware announcements. HDS is bringing renowned availability and insightful reporting capability to VVol-integration to deliver agile, simple and efficient IT infrastructure.


More updates to follow.