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Enterprise Mobility Management with – Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Nov 11, 2014

Aug 13, 2014


Data mobility, the ability to access, sync, and share data on mobile devices as well as your desktop, enables your enterprise workforce to be more productive with the agility to create and respond to new business opportunities.  However, mobility presents new challenges for IT professionals who are responsible for the protection and governance of enterprise data. Industry surveys show that 28% of corporate data resides on laptops and mobile devices outside the control and supervision of corporate IT.


The industry is recognizing the need to bring this data under the control of IT and there are many products appearing in the market place to address this. There is mobile device management (MDM) for locking down devices, mobile application management (MAM) for controlling user access to applications, mobile information management (MIM) to allow only authorized applications to access data, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for secure access to your desktop from any device, and content management systems (CMS) to manage workflow in a collaborative manner. Enterprise mobile management (EMM) involves some combination of these tools.

As more enterprises adopt enterprise mobility management, vendors have started to productize EMM, usually by adding MAM or MIM features to their MDM products or vice versa and creating standalone silo solutions.

Hitachi has taken a different approach with its enterprise mobile management product, Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere). HCP Anywhere adds mobility management features on top of an enterprise content management platform-HCP (Hitachi Content Platform). This is an object store that provides secure multi-tenancy for different application data for local, remote, global and cloud storage and retrieval.

HCP Anywhere (HCPA) brings elements of MDM and MIM into the picture. MDM through HCPA’s ability to remotely lock devices and/or deregister devices, which wipes all HCPA data from the device without wiping out your personal data. HCPA also plays nicely with apps like Good and Mobile Iron so that neither creates conflicts for the other. On the MIM side, HCPA doesn’t really control which apps can use data, but it does allow users to better manage which users or 3rd parties can access files and participate in shared folders. Again, compatibility with apps like Good and Mobile Iron as well as future HCPA APIs will help ensure that HCPA data is only available to certain apps.

We recently announced an enhancement to HCP to provide Adaptive Cloud Tiering. This feature enables automated tiering of HCP data, including mobile data from HCP Anywhere, to the most appropriate storage tier based on changes to file meta data, such as last access or days since creation. Now IT has control through HCP to encrypt, mobilize and move data across public and private clouds, extending their visibility and control beyond the data center.

Galen Gruman who follows the Mobile market for InfoWorld writes in a recent blog post: “The Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) announced this week isn’t about mobile data access specifically — and that’s a good thing. Mobile shouldn’t be a separate silo, but another channel to your portfolio of endpoints.” The title of Galen’s post was “Beyond prisonware: Smart data access for mobile and PC users alike”, which points out the fact that many mobile management tools require restrictions which limit the capabilities that mobile devices were designed for.

We prototyped HCPA in our own IT shop and we have nearly 5000 registered users who have stored over 4.2 million files on HCP. Our CIO Rex Carter was an early proponent of BYOD and promoted HCPA internally to ensure proper governance and auditability of mobile data and eliminate the use of unsafe public synch and share services. HCPA also saved 4.5 TB of capacity by eliminating the proliferation of shared copies. REX Carter interviews some of our internal users as to the benefits that they realized in this short video.

For more information on HCP Anywhere please tune into the HDS WebTech, which I will be hosting with Jeff Lundberg. We’re going to explain how HCP Anywhere is designed for Secure, Efficient, Workforce Mobility This WebTech will happen August 19th at 9:00AM Pacific Time/12:00PM Eastern Time. Please register here.