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Top Ten IT Trends for 2014- Trend 5

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Nov 7, 2014

Dec 3, 2013


Trend 5: Sync and share solution for shadow IT

Industry surveys show that 28% of corporate data resides exclusively on laptops or mobile devices. This is the shadow IT that resides outside the control and supervision of corporate IT. While this data may be used for business purposes it is not always protected or secured by IT. BYOD is exploding and reports from Cisco and other networking vendors indicate that more than half of the companies surveyed permit employee owned devices in the workplace.  iPads are a common sight in nearly every customer meeting I have had recently.


This BYOD phenomenon brings many benefits in terms of greater user satisfaction and productivity, lower IT costs, and business agility. However it presents many risks to corporate data if it is not under IT control and management. Tools are available through Mobile Device Management, MDM, companies like MobileIron and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) companies like Citrix and VMware to securely access your desktop through any device.

I recently purchased a new iPhone 5 and downloaded Mobileiron’s Mobile@work app. I registered with, installed Mobleiron and I was ready to access my corporate network. Now I could access my desktop on my iPhone and could communicate securely with anyone in the world, but if I wanted to share files with anyone I had to send it as an attachment to my email, increasing the load on the network, the email server, its backups, my inbox, my local archive, the corporate archive and so on, or I had to use some cloud service like Dropbox which was outside my IT firewalls and frowned upon by our CIO. In order to sync and share files securely, I had to download one more app to my iPhone.

I went to the app store and searched Hitachi Content Platform, and downloaded HCP Anywhere. I registered with the server, and I was ready to sync and share files that were using our corporate private cloud.

With HCP Anywhere I am able to store my work files with full data protection and share them with access-controlled links that can optionally carry an expiration period. IT has control and gets simplified administration with built-in mobile device management, auditing, and full integration with Microsoft Active Directory. All files are stored, deduped, compressed, and backup free in the HDS private cloud in an on-premise object store, the HCP.

With HCP Anywhere email attachments are replaced with links to this on-premise object store, reducing email storage and network payloads.  File sync and share is easy to deploy and manage. No training is required and it works with existing IT practices and processes. To see how easy it is to install and use, checkout this video onYouTube

With many more BYOD devices like tablets and smartphones in the workplace, a secure file sync and share is something users and IT management love. Users can switch from desktops to smart phones to tablets to be more productive and collaborate with their co-workers, wherever they are with the blessings of IT. IT loves this since the data is stored and managed on a single repository and those 20 MB email attachments are no longer clogging up their email system.


Bring your shadow IT into the light of the corporate IT world. Enable your BYOD users to benefit from corporate security, data protection and compliance practices and allow them to sync and share their work for increased productivity and job satisfaction. For more information on HCP Anywhere see your local HDS Sales representative or HDS Channel partner.

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