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Top Ten IT Trends for 2014- Introduction

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Nov 7, 2014

Nov 19, 2013


As we draw near to the end of the 2013, I like to put together my thoughts on what may be the trends in 2014. Most of this is based on what I hear on customer visits and from industry analysts and bloggers. Last week, my colleague Michael Hay published his list of memes ideas, which self replicate, mutate and respond to selective pressures to paraphrase Wikipedia. Gartner has published its strategic technology trends for 2014, which includes technologies like 3D printing and personal cloud. My trends are more focused on IT trends for the coming year. Here is the list of my 10 IT trends. I will be expanding on these over the next few weeks.


1- Technology refresh will focus on business outcomes

Less about the infrastructure and more about the application

2- Converged solutions for select applications

Rapid deployment and operational efficiencies

3- Greater adoption of Private cloud

Cloud provisioning and self service in secure private cloud

4- Big data explosion drives PB file capacities

Scalable file efficiencies

5- Sync and share solution for shadow IT

Shadow IT of mobile devices need to be brought under IT control

6- Object storage casts light on dark data

Silos of data stores contain hidden value

7- Reduction of Backup through archive, copies, and snaps

The storage explosion is multiplied by uncontrolled backup copies and clones

8- Explosion of Enterprise Flash

Focus on enterprise flash over commodity SSD

9- Encryption of data at rest becomes table stakes

Ensure the privacy of all file, block and object data.

10- The transformation of IT operations through virtualization and automation

Skill sets as well as roles and responsibilities are changing