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The Full Meaning of Convergence

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Nov 7, 2014

Nov 8, 2013


Wayne Green of VMware just published a very informative blog post on Enabling Converged Infrastructure through Operational Management – An example with Hitachi where he explains how Hitachi has integrated with VMware vSphere to provide an easy to use interface to manage each component of the converged infrastructure, server, storage, network to deploy a new ESX host complete with datastore in a matter of minutes. The Hitachi approach to integration aggregates operational data from each of the converged platform components providing a single source of data that reflects the real time converged nature of the platform. Wayne says that ‘This approach to integration hits right at the core of the expected benefit of converged infrastructure.”


As Wayne’s explains in his post, one of the keys to such a quality customer experience between VMware Cloud Automation and Management and Hitachi UCP Director is Hitachi’s unique design approach with VMware. Rather than focusing on our own tools as the central administration point that then manages VMware and everything else (Outside – in), we focused on the VMware administrator and used our software to bring all of the elements into VMware’s tools as native VMware objects (Inside – out).

Wayne explains the benefit of Hitachi’s integration of our UCP Director with the vCenter Operations Manager by providing the operational insights to find and address operational issues and identify options to maximize the efficiency of the platform. Armed with the operational information provided by the Hitachi UCP Director, the vCenter Operations Manager provides the visualization options that are easy to consume. It provides a single high-level view to quickly identify areas of focus, and then drill down into a specific domain.


Wayne concludes his post by saying:

“The combination of Hitachi’s UCP Director and vCenter Operations Management Pack for UCP Director allow converged infrastructure IT staff to operate much more efficiently. They will be able to use just one integrated management tool where historically as many as seven would have been needed. Hitachi is a perfect example of how converged infrastructure vendors should be approaching customer’s expectations for management tooling.”

In his post Wayne links to a short 2 min video of a UCP Director, which runs within VMware vSphere.

You can also view a 22 min video of a full demonstration of the UCP Director operating under vSphere/vCenter which shows:

Single page view of Converged Infrastructure

Deploy and manage ESX images

Configure and manage clustered storage

Configure and manage Ethernet and Fabric switches

Easy configuration of datastores

Centralized alerting and management environment

The deployment of an ESX image with server, storage network and datastores takes about 10 minute with one management interface. Compare that to what is required when multiple administrators with multiple tools and change notices are involved.

In addition to the UCP features shown in the videos and the vCenter Operations Manager integrations highlighted in Wayne’s blog, Hitachi UCP Director also offers VMware and Hitachi the following:

- Fully Automated and orchestrated disaster recovery including VMware SRM orchestration

- VMware Cloud Automation Center (vCAC) integration.

- Automated updates with pre-tested Hardware and Software updates.

The key difference in Hitachi’s approach is openness, working from the inside out, which enables a true single management experience for customers.  With VMware’s unique approach to the Software Defined Data Center and Hitachi’s intelligent infrastructure and native integration, customers win.

This is the full meaning of convergence.  This is convergence truly realized.