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SAP AG, Hitachi, and Hitachi Data System extends relationship with Global OEM Agreement for SAP HANA

Blog Post created by Hu Yoshida Employee on Nov 7, 2014

Jan 23, 2014


SAP AG evaluated the Hitachi Converged solution for SAP HANA performance and found it to be as much as 5 times the performance of other competitive solutions. As a result of this evaluation and the success that Hitachi Data Systems has had with selling and installing Hitachi Unified Compute Platform converged solutions with SAP HANA, SAP AG has expanded its 20 year worldwide strategic relationship with Hitachi Ltd and Hitachi Data Systems bysigning a global original equipment manufacturer (global OEM) agreement to include SAP HANA for BW delivered by HDS. Customers should achieve maximum value from a unified compute platform that is integrated with SAP HANA from a single source that has leading blade server technology, storage virtualization, file and content services, and enterprise class disaster tolerance. Hitachi and SAP will also co-innovate to deliver and provide further integration solutions for cloud computing, the SAP Real Time Data Platform, and high performance enterprise computing.


The leading solution for In-Memory Computing.

SAP HANA offers technology that enables the processing of massive quantities of real time data in the main memory of the server to provide immediate results for analysis and transactions. This is an ideal application for Hitachi’s blade server technologies, which can scale up and scale out to provide the CPU processing power and memory to optimize SAP HANA for business intelligence, reporting, and Big Data requirements. These blades combined with enterprise storage, switches, and data management software from HDS are preconfigured and pre-validated to eliminate the guesswork in planning, accelerate the implementation and simplify the operation of an SAP HANA configuration. Now with the OEM agreement, the SAP HANA software is included, sold and supported by Hitachi Data Systems. A preconfigured UCP can shorten the implementation of SAP HANA from 4 to 5 months down to 90 days.

Hitachi UCP for Scale-Up SAP HANA performance

The CB2000 blade server with eight 10-core blades can scale up from individual blades with 256 GB of memory to a 4-way SMP with 2TB of memory. Since the CB2000 also has PCIe slots it can scale the 4-way SMP to 4TB of memory with the addition of Fusion-IO memory cards.


Hitachi is the first vendor to offer blades for SAP HANA, with the latest, fastest Intel 10 core processors. Hitachi UCP can scale up seamlessly from small to large. The SAP HANA appliance is factory validated, pre-loaded and the same system can be used for HANA Production and for HANA Test/QA or HANA and ERP.

Asia Capital Reinsurance Group was facing an explosion of Big Data. As a reinsurance organization, Asia Capital Re collects and analyzes structured data on business developments, trends and events. Read about how the company is now able to make faster, more informed business decisions and extract more value from business data, because they chose HDS UCP for SAP HANA.

Hitachi UCP for Scale-Out SAP HANA

Hitachi UCP is also certified for SAP HANA in a scale out mode for high availability, disaster tolerance and Multi-Datacenter support. Unlike other scale-out SAP HANA configurations with standby servers that use NFS or MPFS for persistent volumes, Hitachi UCP uses VSP through SAP HANA Storage Connection API for higher enterprise performance and scalability in high availability, scale-out configurations.  In addition, customers can leverage the same CB2000 blade server that was deployed for scale up, in a scale-out architecture enabling them to start small, grow to meet business needs, and optimize their investments in existing systems.


M.Video is one of the largest Russian electronics retailers, with 303 stores in 133 Russian cities, as well as 17 online stores. M.Video utilized SAP analytics to manage its stock, shops, and goodS. Read about how HDS UCP Select for SAP HANA with Scale-Out architecture reduced data analysis time from up to 24 hours to 15 minutes.

Benefits of an all Hitachi SAP HANA Solution

With the SAP OEM agreement, HDS is able to offer a tightly integrated Enterprise Data Center solution that delivers a 5X performance increase for SAP HANA over competitive offerings. It also delivers a simpler and faster time to value from a single source. Enterprise class components in pre-validated solutions enable predictable, repeatable, reliable, in-memory analysis to speed business decisions. Hitachi’s scalable blade technology with storage virtualization enables customers to implement now, build over time and combine different solutions to build out a cloud at their own pace. This increased collaboration with SAP also results in greater OPEX and CAPEX efficiencies for customers, and sets the stage for future joint innovation between SAP and Hitachi Data Systems.