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HDS is a Gold Sponsor of OpenStack

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Feb 21, 2014


HDS is a gold sponsor of OpenStack, and will be at the OpenStack Summit in May in Atlanta, GA where we will demonstrate our commitment to the OpenStack community with both sessions and demonstrations. We need your help to secure speaking opportunities for HDS at this event. Our speaking proposals are below.  Voting takes place between now and March 2nd, so PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE! If you don’t have an account you can click here to create one.


1. Title:  Ask the Experts: Storage Considerations for OpenStack

Abstract:  Panel discussion storage options and formats within an OpenStack deployment in enterprises.  Panel members will discuss market awareness, adoption and best practices for storage within OpenStack environments. This panel discussion will be recorded as a “Speaking in Tech” Podcast, which is distributed by Europe’s largest tech publication, The Register.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Discussion and considerations for storage architectures within OpenStack
  • What are the considerations and options for data protection and backup?
  • What are the critical best practices for block, file and object storage?
  • How are enterprises unique from service provider / public cloud providers in their implementation of OpenStack storage options?
  • How critical is the abstraction (Software Defined Storage) to the implementation of OpenStack?
  • Questions from audience members

Moderators:  Greg Knieriemen (HDS/Speaking in Tech), Kenneth Hui (Rackspace)Panelists:  Ben Kepes (Diversity), Brian Gracely (EMC/The Cloudcast), John Griffith (SolidFire), Manju Ramanathpura (HDS), Val Bercovici (NetApp)Click here to vote for Storage Considerations for OpenStack2. Title:  Scaling Out OpenStack Clouds in the Enterprise
Abstract:  This Panel discussion will focus specifically on scale-out deployment of OpenStack in the enterprises.   The Panel members will discuss their experience deploying and managing scale-out OpenStack data center environments.  The panel will also discuss current operational challenges and where there are opportunities for OpenStack to improve.Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Discussion about software and hardware architectures
  • Which applications are best suited for Cloud environments?
  • Why scale out? What are the business and technology advantages?
  • Challenges encountered on the SW and HW side and lessons learned and best practices for future deployments
  • Specific opportunities for OpenStack to improve

Moderator:  Kenneth Hui (Rackspace)

Panelists:  Boris Renski (Mirantis), Caroline McCrory (Piston Cloud), Jan Mark Holzer (Red Hat), Jesse Proudman (Blue Box), Manju Ramanathpura (HDS)

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3. Title: Enhanced LVM and Backup functionalities to bring enterprise experience to Storage

  • This presentation will include a demonstration and review of two storage related functions that are popular in the enterprise community.
    • Enhanced LVM based driver for Shared volume
    •        Quiescing filesystems with QEMU guest agent during snapshotting

Presenters: Hitachi Data Systems CTO – Intelligent Platforms, Manju Ramanathpura; Hitachi Engineering Manager OpenStack,  Takahiro Yasui

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