Lothar Schubert

Evolve with IoT Analytics: Crawl, Walk, Run 

Blog Post created by Lothar Schubert Employee on Sep 18, 2018

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is moving mainstream – from much-hyped just a few years ago, towards the path of enlightenment today. Organizations of all sizes today benefit from intelligent, connected devices - across industries such as manufacturing, services, energy, transportation, healthcare and finance.


To quote Venture Capitalist Matt Turk: “The Internet of Things is going through a phase of early adolescence – a lot is being built in different places, not all of it looks pretty or behaves as desired, but a lot of foundational growth is happening.”


Top IIoT use cases include predictive maintenance (PdM), asset performance management (APM), maintenance and repair management, manufacturing automation and quality control, smart spaces, and more. And, results are impressive: 70% reduction in unplanned downtime, 32% less energy consumption, and 50% improvement in on-time delivery.


How to get started though? The IIoT can be quite confusing. For any given scenario there are at least five ways to implement. Should you use streaming data, SQL or non-SQL for data management and analysis? Zigbee or Sigfox for protocols? OPC-UA via MQTT or AMQP? Are those even the right questions to ask? (Hint: they're not!)


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