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Coming to Hitachi NEXT?  Don’t miss CPFL’s case study on innovation.

Blog Post created by Mark Adams Employee on Sep 17, 2018

One of the very cool things I get to do in my job is work with customers that are having a major impact on their communities.  One such customer is CPFL which is an energy utility in São Paulo, Brazil.  They serve more than 20 million customers and have over 100 years of history in the business of energy generation and distribution.



CPFL recently undertook a major initiative to unsure a greater reliability of energy delivery services to their customers.  This is no small feat in a developing country where power outages can occur.  They chose Hitachi to be a strategic partner because of the rock-solid availability our VSP storage delivers.  This includes multi-site failover capability using our Global Active Device metro clustering technology.  Without continuous access to their operational data, they would not be able to deliver electricity to their customers without interruptions. With transportation systems, schools, manufacturing facilities and healthcare delivery that are dependent upon CPFL’s services, their ability to increase delivery uptime benefits their society.  Hitachi calls this the double bottom line—meeting financial goals while providing outcomes that benefit society.


Another initiative that CPFL is undertaking is building out a smart-grid of electrical distribution. Smart grids use data to analyze usage requirements to better match it with the output from generation equipment. An example would be having the sensors in a building’s lighting and HVAC systems communicate how much electricity is required to meet their needs so that output is sufficient.  This ensures that there is always a sufficient amount of energy being generated but not too much as that would essentially be a wasted resource since excess electrical output can’t be stored for later use. Smart grids get even more complicated when renewable energy is factored in as those power sources must be forecasted from weather patterns.  All of this requires extremely fast and reliable storage as well as the ability to quickly analyze massive amounts of data from disparate sources.  For CPFL, they found the perfect combination from Hitachi in our VSPs and our Pentaho analytics platform.



To learn more about what CPFL is doing to increase their own double-bottom line, come hear them speak at Hitachi’s NEXT conference.  Their datacenter infrastructure executive, Marcio Felix, will be speaking in the Solutions and Innovations session at 4pm on Wednesday, September 26th. Hope to see you there!