Michael Nelson

Setting the vision for digital transformation at Hitachi NEXT

Blog Post created by Michael Nelson on Sep 6, 2018

Last year at Hitachi NEXT 2017, we witnessed the actual digital transformation of a company, the creation of Hitachi Vantara and the role that Hitachi envisions for the future of technology.


It was also the first real glimpse into what the edge of technology would look like for me, and I’m absolutely hooked.


Systems approach for the future

One of the most compelling use cases I saw centers around the automotive industry. Cars today have a huge volume of onboard electronics, applications and sensors. These moving digital platforms can enable virtually any service, including maintenance and reporting, driver and consumer convenience automation, and of course, autonomous driving.


This was the vision of digital transformation, delivered through the internet of things (IoT), analytics and artificial intelligence for the automotive industry, on a systemwide basis.


How we AR doing things in the future

It was also the first time I understood the power and possibility of augmented reality (AR). I’d always seen virtual reality as a toy or an interface to a game (yes, I also game a bit).


The systems approach for the future introduces the enhancement of the human factor in delivering service. Augmented reality becomes one of these enhancements, allowing a human contextual and topical knowledge in, for example, data center maintenance.


This is provided to humans on multiple possible media, from AR headsets to cell phones. All it really takes is a camera, some computing power and a display (and some really awesome software).


It left me with a profound feeling that we’re just in the infancy of doing, rather than watching someone else do, as many of us watch YouTube videos for anything from home to car repairs.


Industrializing it all

This year, at Hitachi NEXT 2018, it’s a bit different for me. I’ll be speaking in a breakout session, Industrialize with Agile Infrastructure and a Modern Platform, to explain something that I care quite deeply about.


Everything in this industry is built upon something else. Humanity has a very long history of building upon foundations and then abstracting away complexity.


I’m going to talk a bit about that foundation, a bit about the strategy we use and how, providing the right starting point, we can create ongoing industrialization for IT infrastructure — and just about anything else.


Hope to see you at Hitachi NEXT 2018.