Chris Gugger

When all you have is a hammer...

Blog Post created by Chris Gugger Employee on Sep 20, 2017


We’ve all heard the old adage, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Similarly, hyperconverged is the new shinny object in IT infrastructure and some vendors would lead you to believe it can address all your IT modernization needs.  The fact of the matters is, building a modern data center requires a complete toolbox. Yes, hyperconverged systems play an important role but so too can converged and rack scales systems help meet your business demands.  To complete your modern infrastructure build-out, you need to wrap these systems with end-to-end management automation software, providing agility, flexibility, simplicity and intelligence to drive digital transformation. The Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) family provides a complete toolbox to quickly and easily build your modern data center.



Data is an organizations most strategic asset. Data is the only organizational asset that technically lives forever and whose value continues to grow over time. For this reasons we believe a modern data strategy is the foundation of any Digital Transformation journey. A data strategy blends disparate sets of data together – structured, unstructured and machine data into logical insights.  It enables  you to derive value and gain competitive advantage from a modern data strategy with ubiquitous data services – using any data source -  from any application - on any cloud.    You will also find in the UCP toolbox a complete set of  data management capabilities that allow our customers to efficiently manage, govern, move and analyze their key data sets across data centers and clouds, reducing the complexity and cost of disparate applications and services.  UCP systems solve today’s data problems with mature, marketing leading solutions to easily ingest, aggregate and blend data from the core data center – to the edge – to the cloud.

Increased business agility drives innovation, Hitachi is committed to accelerating our customers Digital Transformation journey by bringing IT agility to life. (check out  Paul Lewis' blog). I see three key IT and data focus areas that you need to invest in in order to enable successful digital transformation:

  • Modern Infrastructure – Automated, software-defined, flash accelerated, with consistent data management capabilities.
  • Digital Workplace - enabling new ways of working to empower the digital workforce.
  • Business Insight - the digital enterprise needs to add new value to their existing customer data and get better end to end visibility over their business to discover new opportunities.


HDS has answered these challenges by creating the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) family of converged and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. The UCP family that can betailored for all workloads and business apps to gain more complete data insights and drive better business outcomes.



Our UCP family of converged, hyperconverged and rack-scale systems provides enterprise, departmental and managed service provider (MSP) environments with a simple path to IT modernization enabling our customers to deploy any application, at any scale, in any location, be it a private, public or hybrid cloud.  The systems provide a flexible, low-risk, modular architecture to create a framework on which to build a robust cloud infrastructure that includes automation, analytics, advanced data services and management capabilities.



The Hitachi Unified Compute Platform family provides you with a toolbox to drive IT modernization and develop your data strategy to ensure a successful digital transformation.  To learn more about how Hitachi can help you solve your business challenges, please contact your Hitachi Data Systems representative or visit  Hitachi Vantara.