• HCI 1.3.1 release notes

    Roguen Keller
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  • HCI Webexs and Demos

    Below are several links to Demo WebEx's we ( Professional Services) created for HCI.  Each is about 5 minutes or so. I wanted to put them all in one place as they are scattered about the community.  I will c...
    Troy Myers
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  • splunk HCI HCP 01012018.pptx

    Troy Myers
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  • Announcing Hitachi Content Intelligence v1.3

    Hitachi Content Intelligence delivers a flexible and robust solution framework to provide comprehensive discovery and quick exploration of critical business data and storage operations.   Make smarter decisions ...
    Michael Pacheco
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  • How HCI deals with dates obtained from filesystems

    During some data assessments on CIFS filesystems I have observed some strange behavior of how HCI deals with system metadata time stamps. System metadata timestamps are the usual timestamps we all know from CIFS and N...
    Eckhard Roeser
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  • Testing with HCI harness

    Hello,   It sounds like a good practice not calling ConnectorPlugin::getMetadata() in the ConnectorPlugin::list() method - reducing amount of network operation and a risks of failure. According to the list()'s ...
    Harpreet Kalsi
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  • HCI Customer Training

    Hello - I had a customer ask if some of their team can be trained on HCI: Install & Configuration Workflow and Pipeline Design and Deployment Service and Maintenance of an HCI Cluster   I know we could pr...
    Timothy Anderson
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  • HCP Gateway and MAPI Access Logs.bundle

    This is a bundle that includes 2 pipelines and an Index Collection: one that parses HCP HTTP Access logs and the other that parses HCP MAPI Access logs. The index collection has a minimal schema with a few facets. Fee...
    Jon Chinitz
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  • HCI Sizing Guide.pdf

    This is a section of the Content Intelligence installation guide that describes in detail how to size your deployment in terms of the number of cores and number of instances.
    Jon Chinitz
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  • WP-556-A: The Importance of Data Hygine

    Customer-facing thought leadership whitepaper on the benefits and importance of data quality.
    Scott Baker
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  • 25 ways to use Hitachi Content Intelligence

    Customer-facing brochure to help your customer spark ideas as to how the product can help them to get started in their specific vertical.
    Scott Baker
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  • Hitachi Content Intelligence Data Sheet

    Product data sheet.
    Scott Baker
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