• HCP Anywhere Load Balancer Best Practices WhitePaper

    Rajiv Garg
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  • How rename HCP AW folder name in Windows Explorer(favorite folder)?

    Hi~ guys.   In this Community, Some guys asked the same question as me about branding HCP AW folder Icon & Name.   Our customers want to Use HCP AW with their Company Loge and Name.   Ex) The...
    sanghoon lee
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  • Error: "the certificate Supplied by the HCP Anywhere server is invalid"

    During HCP Anywhere system setup and install, you get the following error - see attachment "invalid_cert_error" Probable CauseThe 2 most common causes of this issue is the hostname mismatch or an expired certificate. ...
    Rajiv Garg
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  • How to run silent registration for multiple domains

    My customer has implemented a silent installation and now tries to run a silent registration. He put all necessary keys in the registry, only the "AWCliRegPreferredAuthProvider" key is empty. That seems to stop the si...
    Ralf Buschmann
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  • With HCP Anywhere how can a user and thier data be moved from one node to antoher?

    I need to find a way to safely move users from one HCPA pod to another. Is there a way to do this?
    Vern Lee
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  • HCP Anywhere User settings on Horizon instant clones

    Hi together,   I`m currently trying to get the HCP Anywhere fat client installed and configured on VMware Horizon instant clones (non persistent). I configured the folder redirection for the APPs folder but HCP ...
    Stefan Schwiedel
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  • What happens when a file in the HCP AW folder is infected with Ransomware and synchronized with HCP AW?

    Hi. I have a question about HCP AW Ransomware.   We say that customers who are interested in HCP AW can recover data through the Versioning function of HCP AW if they are infected with Ransomware.   But ther...
    sanghoon lee
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  • Is it possible to rename HCP Anywhere folder in Windows Explorer?

    When installing HCP AW I can rename the path. But Windows creates a "favorite folder" which has still the name HCP Anywhere. Is it possible to rename that favorite folder? I got an error when trying. Regards Ralf
    Ralf Buschmann
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  • HCP Anywhere POD Upgrade Quick Guide

    Open video

    Thomas Massano
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  • HCP anywhere

    Hi All,   I am sorry I am really new in HCP anywhere. Is it possible to file transfer to the member in HCP anywhere using ssh sftp (through the bac-end)?   Thank you.   Regards,   Iwan
    Iwan Tamimi
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  • HCP Anywhere - prevent to save locally doesnt seem to work

    Hi, At customers site we have installed HCP-AW 3.1 and the installation is running in a Citrix environment. To prevent files to be stored locally in the different user profiles, the customer has already set the reg k...
    Jill Ross
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  • Do we have Admin API for AW?

    Question: Do we have Admin API for AW?   Answer: Currently, we do not have MGMT APIs for HCP AW, but we do have the following APIs: Data/client APIs Reporting APIs for ADMIN and AUDIT roles
    Tri Hoang
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  • How to set the token expire time for AW desktop client ?

    The token expiration setting is defined in the Admin Mgmt Console (MUI) under Profiles.  The default is 1 week, but it can be customized.  Please see attached screen shot.
    Rajiv Garg
    created by Rajiv Garg
  • Restoring deleted/missing files in AW

    There are 2 ways to recover deleted files in HCP Anywhere:   Undelete capability for files and folders to recover deleted files/folders           a) In browser User ...
    Rajiv Garg
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  • API call for Token is unsuccessful

    Branching this question off of Chika Emeka-Nweze's question in this thread Version Mismatch When Making REST Client Call to HCP-AW   Based on that conversation I suggested that the next step be to run a curl c...
    Roguen Keller
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  • Introduction to HCP Anywhere APIs

    HCP Anywhere has two external APIs: File Sync and Share API and Reporting API.   The File Sync and Share (FSS) API is a set of HTTP endpoints that allow you to build and integrate applications with HCP Anywhere....
    Roguen Keller
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  • Invalid token using Reporting API with curl command

    I’m trying to generate a user report for AW3.0 but ran into “invalid token” error. I’ve enabled FSS API and the Administrator role in Admin portal for the user generating the token.   He...
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  • Try HCP Anywhere Getting Started Instructions

    Updated April 2018.
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  • HCPAW_3.1_SRT_Mar2018.pdf

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  • Keeping file remotely

    I'm trying to ask if we can actually keep files remotely and does not use any space in the computer ? So far in my testing, just as long as I open up a file in the HCPAW application, the file will be saved ( the green...
    Alvin Lee
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