• HCP Load Balancing Best Practices

    The goal of this document is to outline vendor agnostic data lifecycle when using a load balancer with HCP and the best practices for configuring the load balancer under specific requirements.
    Michael Ratner
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  • REST Developer Guide

    Hitachi Content Platform Developer’s Guide: Building Open Applications on the Hitachi Content Platform using the HCP REST API by HCP Engineering Version 2.1 (Revision 27)
    Ab de Kwant
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  • Performance Monitoring w/ ELK - Part II: Monitoring HCP Access Logs

    Introduction Logstash Configuration Input Section Filter Section Output Section Elasticsearch Indexes and Managing Indexes w/ Kibana Visualizing Elasticsearch Data w/ Kibana Monitoring HCP ...
    Ben Clifford
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  • Performance Monitoring w/ ELK - Part I: Installing ELK

    Introduction Installing ELK Step 1: Disable Firewall or Open Ports Step 2: Install Java Step 3: Install Elasticsearch Step 4: Install Kibana Step 5: Install Logstash Conclusion Introduc...
    Ben Clifford
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  • I want to list the files present in a given directory

    I want to list the files present in a given directory.I n developer guide it's mentioned to use query param "type=directory"..It does not work..Its giving me "400 BAD request" in the response.. Whats the correct que...
    Kishore Guntur
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  • Troubleshooting Issues with Amazon AWS Java SDK

    Hi, this is just a quick post to share a particularly helpful method for troubleshooting issues between a Java client application and the HCP S3 Gateway. Most Java based software will allow you to inject Java System P...
    Ben Clifford
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  • HCP Coding Best Practice

    This topic discusses HCP best practices for for optimizing REST I/O performance.   Small Object I/O - importance of directory distribution   HCP recommends that key names contain a bit of randomness which...
    Steven Looby
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  • Can I mix 1.9TB and 800GB SSD on HCP G10 ?

    Yes. However you need to make sure the software is version (v7.3.2) or higher to recognize the 1.9TB Also realize, the object count is limited to 800M/node when installed with smaller 800GB SSD.   It's also O...
    Steven Looby
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  • How to monitor Hitachi content platform

    Dear all,   I am new to HCP environment, I want to monitor all information like Hitachi content monitor Could you please let me know about Hitachi content platform monitoring with Java REST API / MAPI API P...
    sara va
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  • Are HCP G and S nodes Energy Star certified?

    If so, is there a certificate we can present?
    Scott Nyman
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  • Can I rename an HCP participating in a replication link?

    YES! This is a useful feature when you are required to change the FQDN of an HCP cluster, for example, after a datacenter move or company name change. There are a few steps that must be undertaken. First, the replicat...
    Ian Saunders
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  • Setting up HCP SSL certificates

    This document describes the steps required to setup SSL certificates on HCP.  Certificates allow applications (browsers and/or homegrown apps) to protect information sent over HTTP.  When an SSL certificate ...
    Michael Ratner
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  • Hitachi Content Platform with VMware ESXi 6.5 U1 Implementation Guide.pdf

    This guide provides steps in installing and configuring HCP Virtual Machine with VMware ESXi 6.5 U1.
    Federick Brillantes
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  • Accessing HCP within an isolated network

    Within our organisation, we are still doing Disaster recovery testing within an isolated network.  We have just deployed HCP and HNAS in an "active-active" configuration.  So HCP is configured for production...
    Allan Ross
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  • HCP HS3 metadata query

    HCP metadata query using HS3 API.   i am creating custom metadata while object archiving and can able to query the objects using HCP metadata query(xml) API. I am in the process of converting to HS3 and i am not...
    Srinivas Mulpuri
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  • Manage Hitachi Content Platform via PowerShell

    The Hitachi Content Platform is a great object platform. It provides all the advantage of traditional cloud providers in your datacenter. This article will describe how to perform several tasks via PowerShell in order...
    Carlos Vargas
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  • S30 Install Runbook

    Michael Ratner
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  • S10 Install Runbook

    Michael Ratner
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  • Sharing an HCP Object

    Michael Ratner
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  • Using HCP with Hadoop (whitepaper)

    This documents describes how to setup Apache Hadoop to use Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) as source and/or target for its operations. It is left to the reader to decide if it makes sense to run Hadoop against S3-compa...
    Jeff Lundberg
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