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Hitachi Elected to OpenStack Board of Directors for 2016

Blog Post created by Paula Phipps Employee on Jan 15, 2016

It’s a happy new year for Hitachi as our own Manju Ramanathpura @itsthenetwork is elected to the 2016 OpenStack Board of Directors. I ran into Manju at Café Hitachi and over a cup of tea (Earl Grey for me, of course), I had a chance to congratulate him and ask him a few questions about his election to the Board and his involvement with OpenStack.

Manju, how are you involved with the OpenStack community?

I have been playing the role of evangelist, helping to promote OpenStack and to position OpenStack for success. Specifically, I have arranged or been part of about 8 - 10 panel discussions which focus on discussing the benefits of OpenStack for enterprise data centers. I have also identified gaps in OpenStack that need to be addressed by the community. I was the first member from Hitachi to join the OpenStack Enterprise Working Group and was part of the original team to define the objectives for this working group, created to improve enterprise footprint for OpenStack. I also write several blog posts and participate in Twitter chats to help promote OpenStack and identify areas where OpenStack can continue to improve.

What do you do for Hitachi around OpenStack?

I have been the ambassador for OpenStack inside Hitachi and instrumental in defining and driving OpenStack strategy.I also engage with our strategic customers to help them achieve their goals by working jointly on Hitachi and OpenStack initiatives. I have also socialized the OpenStack Enterprise Working Group inside Hitachi. Several other Hitachi members are currently or have been part of this working group at various times, including Albert Tan @atan_work, Greg Knieriemen @Knieriemen, Paula Phipps @paulaaphipps, Norma Rangel and Steve Garone @sgarone. For the past 2 plus years, I have represented Hitachi at OpenStack Foundation Board Meetings to speak on behalf of Foundation Gold members and Hitachi to position OpenStack for success.

How is Hitachi contributing to the OpenStack community from a technology perspective?

Hitachi continues to grow its code contributions over time. Here is a Stackalytics chart showing Hitachi’s contributions as of Jan 2016.



Folks, that sums up my chat over a cup of tea with Manju. Congratulations Manju on your appointment to the OpenStack Board of Directors!

As for me, I’m excited to be actively participating in the OpenStack Enterprise Working Group. I’m pleased to be helping to mine data from Mid-cycle meet ups last Summer and from the OpenStack Tokyo Summit last Fall to help the group identify top use cases to write up and evangelize to foster OpenStack enterprise adoption. I’m also gearing up for the OpenStack Austin Summit this Spring. I look forward to serving as a Track Chair of the “Enterprise IT Strategies" track to help in my own small way to form the final agenda for Austin.

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